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Speak your mind: The extreme path to being zen

Readers debate whether extreme sports are en escape for the reckless or a gateway to an enriched life.

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Jumping off a cliff with nothing but a parachute, waterfall kayaking or bungee jumping off a helicopter. Extreme sports have always held intrigue for those who seek thrills and love danger. But the common impression of extreme-sports lovers as adrenaline junkies is very quickly proven false upon a closer look. An Australian researcher from Queensland University of Technology discovered that those who focus on extreme sports are actually more in tune with their selves and have a better understanding of Nature, having pushed their own skills and abilities to the limit. So are extreme sports madness or meditation? Join the debate by posting your comments on our Facebook page ‘Gulf News Al Nisr Publishing UAE’ or email us at

12:34 Gulf News: Extreme sports are the only way to test the boundaries of human capabilities.

12:36 Sandhya Shetty: I personally used to think that extreme sports were for those who want to show off, since they are normally very expensive. But, believe me, you have to do it to experience the adrenaline rush.

12:37 Suman Shafi: They are not just way a to test what humans are capable of, but also to what extent the person himself or herself is interested in risking for a sport they are interested in.

12:37 Kritika Narayan: Extreme sports usually take place with natural sounds on all four sides, so the person is in tune with Nature, in harmony with himself and hence realises his potential and purpose of living! And yes, it is not the only way [to test the boundaries of human capabilities] but for some, it is their passion. In a mundane lifestyle that many have, extreme sports play the role of stress-busters and soon become a source of meditation.

12:44 Shivshankar K.T.: I have seen people attempting activities like bungee jumping with a lot of fear. Bit after doing it once they find it easier to do it again without any fear and after a couple of tries, they start enjoying it.

12:48 Gulf News: Extreme sports give people a better understanding of their self and life.

12:51 Masooma Bilgrami: None of us can deny that extreme sports do increase a person’s self-confidence. It makes them fearless and ready to face any challenge.

12:51 Lodhi Azmat Allah: Yes, with extreme sports, a person can also judge his or her own self very well. These require a lot of skills and courage.

12:53 Sandhya Shetty: Anybody who wants to get rejuvenated should try at least one extreme sport. I personally have experienced it and have seen many of my peers do it and they share the feeling. It really lifts your spirits and takes the fear out of you. God fortunately has created us in such a way that we can overcome anything — whether it’s remorse, risk or  fear. You just need to go ahead and overcome those feelings.

12:58 Suman Shafi: I would love to take any amount of risk to participate in these sports. More than an extreme activity, sports that involve adventure and risk can be a hobby, so I would love to do it. With extreme sports, the fear that you always had of ‘not doing something’ will be completely diminished, and you will see yourself in a different phase of life, where you take up challenges and risks and succeed in them.

12:59 Sophy Aqeel: We have a monotonous routine so why not try something that is challenging? You definitely have to be prepared for it so do your homework and let the fear out!

13:03 Shivshankar K.T.: It is not necessary that these people are bored with life. It can be because they wanted to endeavour for something that is not normally easy. There are people who take up extreme sports as it is an easy way to get famous or it could also just be a leisure activity.

13:03 Suman Shafi: People want to try new things in life. Whether that is jumping off a cliff, jet-skiing or parasailing, people want to try something new. It could be simply for the sake of adventure, fun or the risk involved, but all these
have a positive impact on them — a reduced fear of risk and having a more challenge-driven perspective on life.

13:03 Kritika Narayan: Challenges make a man’s life active and interesting and in case of sports, people are supposed to have training and learn the theory before trying, so that there’s no harm to your life!

13:04 Lodhi Azmat Allah: No. Extreme sports are an adventure. There are a lot of people who like adventures and try such things, while not thinking of risking their lives.

13:07 Shivshankar K.T.: Whether it is extreme sports or any other sporting activity, it requires tremendous mental strength and the need to be mentally and physically fit. The only difference between regular sports and adventure sports like skydiving is that at times, extreme sports could be more dangerous.

 13:07 Masooma Bilgrami: It could be meditation for those have been doing it for many years, madness for those who have just realised their potential, because they want to experience more of it. And it is both meditation and madness for those who have been passionate about it their whole life!

13:07 Suman Shafi: I would say that extreme sports can be more ‘madness’ than ‘meditation’ because you are doing something wild and risky. You may be screaming at the top of your voice, but if you love it, then you will be crazy enough to do it!

13:11 Kritika Narayan: It is an out-of-the-world, break-free and adventurous experience! People should definitely try at least one extreme sport in their lifetime. Why not? Especially when you have the money, the training and take the precautions.