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Have your say: Should housewives be paid?

Do you think housewives should be paid for the work they do? Join our debate below.

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They run the house, manage the chores and build a home. Yet, this is one job they do not get paid for. Financially at least. Should the housewife be paid? Join our debate. These are the statements you can share your views on:

  • Housewives are entitled to pay.
  • On a practical level, a family cannot pay housewives because a child does not have the means to pay his or her mother.
  • Paying housewives promotes a more positive image of stay-at-home mums.
  • Paying housewives reduces the value of their contribution.

You can agree or disagree with a statement and provide your supporting arguments.



Latest Comment

Housewives are the real home makers and yes they should be paid for the innumerable tasks they do which are mandatory to keep the vehicle oflife going. But then question arises how much would you pay them. Anyamount would be less for the multiple duties they perform dot on timewithout fail . They should be paid with respect , recognition ,understanding and appreciation. Few kind and appreciative words everyday would be enough for these selfless home makers. Also they should begiven enough pocket money to spend on themselves so they are alwaysmotivated and feel no less than the working ladies. I personally feelbeing housewife is a full time job in itself.

(Ms.)Madhu Madan

20 March 2013 14:50jump to comments

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