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Focus: The internet is harmful

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  • The internet threatens people’s right to privacy
  • The internet has allowed easy access to extremist and criminal content.
  • The Web has helped promote entrepreneurship in a much more equal manner.
  • The internet brings people closer and helps eliminate stereotyping.


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I agree that Internet violates the rights and privacy of users. TheInternet threatens privacy in a number of ways, partly because it ispossible to record everything that you do on line . Commercial companiesregularly monitor electronic communication and searches (which they use in advertisingstrategies). And Cookies etc that nearly all desk top PCs haveinstalled upon them usually without the permission of the user, sendinformation back to various companies who can use it to betterunderstand user’s web browsing activities/ browsing habits totarget them for online advertising. Extremists have taken advantage ofthe open forums and venues on the Internet, as well as new technologies,to promote their bigoted ideology. Whereas hate mongers once had tostand on street corners and hand out leaflets to passersby, the Internethas allowed extremists to access a potential audience of millions— including impressionable youth. It has also facilitatedcommunication among like-minded die-hards/chauvinists/racists acrossborders and oceans, anonymously and cheaply enhancing their ability topromote their cause.Extremist groups and individuals are reformattingtheir websites to make them accessible to as many people as possible

Madhu Madan

25 January 2013 10:07jump to comments