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A US court, this month, ruled that an employer can legally sack an employee if they find her to be too sexy. Is our society still seeped in sexism?

These are the points that will be put up to debate.

• In society, men are not being held accountable for treating women as objects or worse.

• Women are women’s biggest enemies.

• Most parents are failing to instill respectful behaviour in their sons and choose to instill fear in their daughters.


  • Busari

    01-Jan-2013 17:02

    Very obvious

  • Afroza Khanam

    28-Dec-2012 08:12

    I completely agree with the fact that whatever problem may ensue betweenthe two genders, women are always held responsible with the excuse of'not being careful'. Whatever act the man may do, the woman is heldresponsible - may it be the dress, the way she carries herself aroundor any achievement. Are women only the ones to be blamed on? Women aretreated as objects and seen as merely toys to play with in the evil eyesof men. It is also true that most parents are failing to cultivaterespectful behavior in their sons. It is not an uncommon scene that theparents constantly advise their daughters on how they should carrythemselves. This is not to say that the parents must stop advising. Mypoint is that instead of planting fear in their hearts, parents mustencourage their girls to approach this subject in a more confident andbrave way. It is much appropriate if the boys are made to learn how tobehave modestly and respectfully towards a girl. A sight common to allof us is a girl walking along a street and a group of boys commenting onher and hooting and whistling while the girl clutches onto her dress orwhatever she is carrying. Why? The simple reason is because a fear isinstilled in the girl while the boys are free to do whatever they wantonly because they have not been poked or stopped from they are doing,which, thus, encouraged them to carry on with what they are doing.Parents must surely act upon these matters which requires a lot of concern.

  • Ramachandran Nair

    26-Dec-2012 12:22

    It is the problem exists in the society, and the responsibility restswith both genders. The visual media influence is heavily responsiblefor this alarming trend. The influx of satellite channels,particularly in India, needs some kind of restrictions in airing theprogrammes, with proper and effective censoring of programmes. Acivilized society cannot anymore accept the prevailing situation whetherit is in India or elsewhere, rather it requires more of a maturedthinking and sensible acting towards a cultured living. Men cannot beblamed for treating women roughly. There are many factors including thelifestyle of contemporary women themselves is partly responsible forthis inclination. It looks like everyone wait for the opportunity todemonstrate themselves to be prudent but conveniently ignore thefundamental of traditions. It is the responsibility of parents toimpart the significance of living in their children. They elders mustset examples of behavioural challenges and how they can be preserved tomaintain a healthy society. At the same time, parents’ anxietyrises as their girl child grows older, but trying their best toaccommodate their life more secure and rewarding. This often leads tocreating panic among the parents. I strongly believe that theincreasing number of unemployment among the youth is a serious concernfor parents, as well as responsible governments.

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Very obvious


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