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Focus: Lying for success

Has it become OK to lie on your CV?

Image Credit: AP
In this Nov. 15, 2010 file photo, then PayPal president Scott Thompson, who in January 2012 was named CEO of Yahoo Inc., Yahoo swept out Scott Thompson as CEO Sunday, May 13, 2012, in an effort to clean up a mess created by a misleading resume that destroyed his credibility.

Today’s corporate environment is pushing people towards unethical behaviour.

Most managers are too insecure to promote transparency in a team.

Actions like ‘boosting your CV’ or making claims that you cannot fulfill are now considered a necessary evil to climb up the corporate ladder.

Employees who have the gift of gab are more likely to get promoted than no-nonsense workers. 


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I am also searching for job in gulf. and this is my 2nd time that came here and i have never shown anything fake. I am not in favor of this. But if you don't show fake experience no one will hire you. because each company want a experienced employees. But can anyone tell me that how a fresh graduate will get a experience if no one will hire him/her. if companies want that no one should show a fake things. then I think so that they should equal opportunity to everyone. and at least should call for a short interview to check his/her abilities and knowledge and for their own long term success.

job searcher

20 May 2012 09:31jump to comments