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Focus: Funding of the Arts

Should funding of the Arts be stopped if they do not add enough monetary value to a society?

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The Arts – drama, dance, song composition and films – add cultural value to a society that is difficult to measure. What, though, is not difficult to measure is the difference between the salary earned by an Arts graduate compared to a business or engineering graduate. If the Arts do not add monetary value to a society, should funding be stopped? Join our debate. These are the statements that will be debated:

• The Arts add value to society much more than money.
• The Arts aid the economy through film, design and related industries.
• The Arts through expression challenges the way society is run, thereby promoting transparency.
• Art degrees offer less earning potential.

Take your seat in either the ‘For’ or ‘Against’ camp on each of these statements and tell us if you would like to participate in an online discussion by clicking on the ‘Post comment’ link below.



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yes, i support your point because arts should be as equall to the rest dance, music, drama can also give a great futre not only science, commerce and math. There are successful dancers, naming shakti mohan, sneha kapoor


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