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Focus: Creating our anxieties

People in unstable countries are much less stressed out about life than those in developed countries. Are we simply creating our own worries?

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Research done by the World Health Organisation shows America is the country that suffers from the most anxiety problems, with 31 per cent of Americans likely to suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder in their lives. And it is not just the recession that is the cause of their worries – most of them were highly stressed even before the recession hit the country and people still worry more about their work, finances and success than required.

By comparison, people living in underdeveloped or unstable countries, who one would presume would have more to worry about are five times less likely to be as anxious. So are people in the ‘first world’ simply creating their own personal demons? Join our debate and argue out on the following statements:

  • People in developed countries have created their own anxieties.
  • Millennials and Generation Xers are less capable of handling the pressures in life.
  • Being born rich ensures you live with a silver spoon throughout your life.
  • People are becoming delusional with self-importance due to sensory overload.



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