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Focus: Child car safety

Should there be a fine for not buckling up children in the backseat of cars? Join the Gulf News debate on whether fines are the only way to modify people’s behaviour.

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The car safety campaign is aimed at encouraging parents to buckle up their children inchild car seats while driving.

How often have you seen children in a car playing in the backseat, dangling out of windows or simply not buckled up? Despite several awareness campaigns on the problem, UAE residents fail to ensure their children are safely sitting in the backseat of cars. And this failure to comply with basic safety practices has a very real impact - 63 per cent of deaths among children 14-years-old and younger in the UAE die in traffic accidents. What is the solution? Join the debate this week, where the following statements will be debated:

  • Should there be a fine for not buckling up children in the backseat? Do fines really work?
  • Why do people not buckle up children while driving? Is it a lack of education or do people just not comprehend the danger?


Latest Comment

I agree to the safety of children and i suggest to put a fine ifchildrens are dangling through windows or playing in the backseatwithout having seatbelt or any other safety. Childrens are the future ofthe nations, we have to protect them.

Sharmaine Mumtaz

22 December 2012 11:50jump to comments