Focus: Can rape be ended?

One in four men has committed rape in the Asia-Pacific region. Can an end ever be put to this crime? Join the debate.

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Indian students of Saint Joseph Degree college participate in an anti-rape protest in Hyderabad on September 13, 2013.
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One in four men has committed rape in the Asia-Pacific region. This shocking number was revealed in a recent study conducted by the UN across the region.

75 per cent of the men who admitted to committing rape claimed they did so because they felt sexually entitled; more than half said they did it for entertainment. The situation is not any better in India, where a brutal gang-rape in the capital city in December last year led to nation-wide protests to address the issue of sexual violence — 80 per cent of women in New Delhi say they have faced some form of sexual harassment.

Both studies indicate the seriousness of the issue of sexual violence and how little is being done, legally and socially, to change the situation. While the UN study went on to make recommendations to help create positive change, in this week’s debate, we ask: can an end ever be put to rape?

These are the statements that will be debated:

• An end should be put to the use of violence to discipline children at all levels — at school and at homes.

• No impunity should be given to men who commit rape.


Participants will have to clearly state whether they are for or against each statement, supporting it with arguments on why they feel this will put an end to rape.

Due to the nature of this topic, please note that only those participants who have registered with Gulf News in advance will be allowed to participate.

Send us an email at if you would like to participate in the session, or share your views by posting a comment below.


  • sadatullah khan

    02-Oct-2013 09:33

    It is very easy to stop it. Read Al Quran Chapter 24 Al Noor and applythe rule. In Sha Allah this can be controlled.


    30-Sep-2013 19:17

    WELL. The world is changing, so is the definition of right and wrong, what Saeed said was right, see in Islam justice is instant and sometimes it looks harsh like the punishment on adultery but in actual it prevents many other actions that my occur in case of doing some kind of lenience... i was talking about the changing world, woman was respectful till the limits were not crossed, today on the name of womanindependence west and some mental slaves of west made the woman a commodity which can be sold or bought from the market... THIS ACTUALLY 1 OF THE REASON WHY THESE EVENTS MAY OCCUR. secondly punishments are not there which makes the people brave on committing this kind of things... In violence of these kinds media does play a big role, pornography is one thing but the media is not much behind in the race, viewing contents that enhances the urge of going to extreme with no fear of getting caught is another reason why these things happen.. Allah made this world and sets its parts on accurate places, at 1 end theorder for woman is to hide herself from others, while for man to notlook to those who are not MEHRAM. when .. these parts ( MAN WOMAN) wantto stay out of the actual place the society starts to abolish

  • Hekmat

    25-Sep-2013 13:52

    You can't be safe until you keep yourself on a safe side. To keep your self on safe side, A woman or girl should be with their guardians always such as father,brother when leaving home. A woman/girl should cover her body to the extent that her body doesn't attract opposite sex so she is more safe from those street bodies. And she should go out from her homeonly if it is really needed or else she should avoid going out for minor needs.

  • Saeed

    24-Sep-2013 14:17

    Just like crime, it would be naive to believe that rape can be ended. It never will. However, the frequency can be drastically reduced. Unlike the other comments that I've seen so far, punishment will do very little to improve the situation. It will encourage rapists to be much more discreet. What's needed is an understanding of rape. Firstly, there is absolutely nothing sexual about rape. Rape is an act of domination, humiliation, and power. The perpetrator wants control over his/her victim. Secondly, the majority of rape is done out of lack of respect for the victim's perceived class, person, or identity. Since women are the primary target of rape, proper respect for women needs to be taught from birth. Unfortunately, lack of respect for women seems to be culturally endemic in certain areas of the world. The rule of thumb should be, did she say yes? If not, then it's rape. However, what if she didn't specifically say no? Even still, this is rape. It's not rape ONLY when she genuinely wants to get intimate. Thirdly, possible perpetrators need to be identified. In more Western cultures, perpetrators tend to be people close to the victim. On the other side of the world, the trend tends more towards the opposite direction. Fourthly, men need to be empowered in a sense. They need to be aware that they are not a slave to their desires. This is empowering and socially good for everyone involved. Lastly, pornography is not related to rape in the slightest.It's only related to unrealistic expectations in bed. I think a good analogy would be, if it WERE related to rape, then violent video games are related to the amount of murder in a country.

  • sohail

    23-Sep-2013 11:24

    Islam is my religion and it stops the every system from very first day (moment) which can be harmful with the passage of time and can ruin the humanity gang rape is one of them which starts from any combine system of man and women.

  • Vanessa Ferns

    20-Sep-2013 17:16

    Sexual violence would never stop until they get a punishment which wouldscare the citizens. Sexual Violence with woman is world wide. Everycountry faces this, hence the political leader should discuss & thenjudgement should be passed which should be common across the world.

  • Salman

    19-Sep-2013 17:39

    Just enforce the Sharia Law and you will find the instant results and the issue will have its natural death. Women, children in fact each and every citizen will feel secured and there will be peace and prosperity in the society.

  • Hayah

    18-Sep-2013 13:26

    How can we end sexual violence around the world?... It can and should end once the community leaders, police and judges will give a stern act of punishment to every perpetrators. Besides every citizen must be aware of what is happening around and make a move as a group in order to prevent any woman from being a victim.

  • Anuj

    14-Sep-2013 18:23

    In order to eradicate sexual harrassment we must look into the society we live in. One of the major reason is pornography! 90% of the men are into watching porn, and there are unlimited categories of variety fantasies to lure the men into being addicted to this industry. Any child can surf the internet and come across extreme content. Now, this eventuallyprovide ideas and encourage the men to try in real life. I would strongly recommend to eradicate the vulgar pornorgraphy industry, but it must be a global mass movement.

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It is very easy to stop it. Read Al Quran Chapter 24 Al Noor and applythe rule. In Sha Allah this can be controlled.

sadatullah khan

2 October 2013 09:56jump to comments