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Letters: September 13, 2012

Letters: September 13, 2012

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Giving back

As part of a construction project in Sharjah, unsung labourers have been working hard during the hot and sunny afternoons since March. Now because schools are reopening they want to finish this project as soon as possible to ease the flow of traffic. Due to this they have now started working in the hot and humid nights while we are resting in the comfort of our homes. When I saw this I was so overwhelmed by their dedication that I instantly purchased cold milk packs and biscuits from a nearby grocery store and served these heroes. They told me that they were going to work until 5.30am. When they accepted the refreshments that I gave them, the smile on their faces was priceless. This is the sympathy that we need to provide them with as they are really the true heroes who are never felicitated. We need to give back and help them live a better life as they are busy making our life comfortable.

From Mr Rohan Kapur


Please help him

My heart goes out to this fellow human being (‘Chained for 15 years, Rajasthan man turns mentally challenged’, Gulf News, September 6). I hope that any doctor reading this will come forward and help him. It would be highly appreciated. A good deed is always better than a million dollars. Giving someone a new life is worth the joy of a lifetime. Money is not everything – receiving a cure is all that matters. This man needs a cure and tender loving care, which he has lost all these years. Keeping him chained up all these years was horrible. I just can’t figure it out. It’s easy to cry about it than work on it? Put yourself in this man’s shoes and see how you would feel?

From Mr Karim


What about the rest?

Who made this list (‘And the worst city is...’, Gulf News, September 5)? I can think of 10 cities on the top of my head right now that deserve to be on that list. Los Angeles, Paris and New Delhi are utopic cities compared to Mogadishu, Bogota, Karachi, Kabul, Baghdad and Dhaka. The people who have composed this list apparently haven’t travelled much and only make a living by compiling fantasy lists.

From Mr Kalyan


The opposite

This list does not make any sense. Who voted for this and who have you got these claims from? Los Angeles, New Delhi, Melbourne and Paris are very popular holiday destinations and most are capitals in their own respect.

From Mr Ali


The list is correct

I agree with this list. I have been to most of the cities that are on this list and from experience all these destinations are completely hyped up. There is nothing special about them – they are just big metropolises that are filled with busy people who have short tempers, probably because of all the stresses that come with that lifestyle. So when I went to these destinations I didn’t receive the warmest of welcomes. The poll isn’t talking about living in the cities, which I’m sure wouldn’t be a bad thing, it is talking about places to visit. There are many places that are far better and safer than the list mentioned.

From Mr Sander Albert

Abu Dhabi

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