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Letters: November 19, 2012

Letters: November 19, 2012

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Lack of incentive

Incentive is a way for all employees to deliver their work in an extraordinary manner. This is also a chance for them to prove themselves with their valuable knowledge, passion and commitment. But, many employers don’t provide incentives because of unknown or hidden reasons, in spite of growth in their businesses. This affects the employees and hinders their growth as successful individuals. It also keeps them from exploring and taking up new opportunities; they end up doing only what they have to and not what they can. Every human being has his or her own strong points but appreciation and incentives are required to bring their talent forward. I think it is very important for the employers to help them succeed, as this in turn will benefit the employers as well. It might also create relationships of a lifetime between the employees, employers and the growing organisations.

From Mr Rengarajan G.

Abu Dhabi

Not worth it

It took only minutes for Paula Broadwell to become a mistress in a broader perspective (‘Congress wants answers on Petraeus affair,’ Gulf News, November 13). So it is natural that the US Congress wants answers to the David Petraeus affair. It has been proved time and again that we cannot run away from the truth, yet people make the same mistakes. In this particular case, it is interesting because the person involved is Petraeus, the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) director. Petraeus looks vulnerable as this information is coming out after 38 years of his marriage and after his achieving the most coveted post. To reach the peak of CIA is not an easy job. To lose all the hard work and experience in such a manner is a disaster, which should not happen with anyone. His long stint with the army gave him the good will and respect of people, but now it’s all gone in vain and history will treat him has a betrayer. This incident is really not worth it. Broadwell might not have thought that they both would have to pay such a high price for trying to protect their love interest. Balancing personal and professional life is a very important skill that everyone needs to know. The greatness of a person lies in how well one copes with the challenges that they face. Honestly, Petraeus didn’t face them well.

From Mr Shivshankar K. T.


What’s next?

According to most media, after the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus, the Pentagon has said that the top American commander in Afghanistan, John Allen, is also under investigation for alleged inappropriate communications. At this, a time when the conditions in Afghanistan are becoming worse and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) withdrawal is coming near, the resignation of Petraeus and inquiry on involvement of Allen adds to the miseries of the US in Afghanistan. However, the US is controlling the situation, as Defence Secretary Leon Panetta ordered an immediate investigation and temporarily put Allen’s nomination to lead the US European Command on hold. Petraeus also accepted that he had an affair with Paula Broadwell, who was also writing his biography. Interestingly, the CIA chief was caught between a tussle of two women. Now the defence department is reviewing thousands of pages of e-mails between the commander of forces in Afghanistan and his close friend. Let’s wait and watch. What’s next?

From Mr Khawaja Omar Farooq

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

System of names

On many occasions, I have come across people who are extremely annoyed and dissatisfied by the service of public transport buses. Most of their grievances are related to the bus drivers, who are often rude to the commuters. Additionally, they drive recklessly on the roads and violate safety rules by using mobile phones when behind the wheel. I have had bad experiences too, but unfortunately whenever I tried reporting the incidents to the authorities, I did not have the driver’s name. Most bad drivers easily get away with the situation because it is a hassle and is difficult for a complainant to file a case against a driver, as his name remains unknown. I feel that the authorities should come up with a system, whereby the names of the bus drivers are displayed on the screen the same way as it is in the taxis. This will make the entire system of public transport more transparent for the public.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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