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Letters: June 21, 2012

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Be effective
The community reporter should first stop smoking and then encourage others not to smoke. The boy should be told about the ill effects of smoking and it is he who has to decide whether he should smoke again or not. Drastic measures such as not selling cigarette packs to people who are underage, increasing prices and creating non-smoking zones will make smokers crave it. An effective method should be implemented to curb smoking for people of all ages.
From Mr Antony A.R.P.
Ras Al Khaimah
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A dying future
Smoking should be banned permanently in the country – it’s a slow poison and it will kill our future.
From Mr Zubair Majeed
Abu Dhabi
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There’s no stopping it
As a smoker who started at the age of 17 and quit a couple of days ago (I’m almost 23), there is very little that could stop a person from smoking. It’s scary to see how young people are starting, but to be honest, smokers have always started very young. My parents, who did everything right, couldn’t stop me and all the information in the world couldn’t stop me. Once it hits you that you are doing serious irreversible damage to yourself and that a few months of dealing with the withdrawal is nothing compared to the years of suffering with a potential disease, then you will stop by yourself. So taking a picture of a minor to prove a point like this may not work.
From Ms Jen
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No one listens
I think the community reporter did what is right with the issue – he shed light on what issues our community is facing nowadays. As for the fact that cigarette smoking is extremely dangerous to our health, I’m sure everybody is aware of the message often seen in the cigarette box and media warnings. However, they still don’t take it seriously.
From Mr Lance Trevor
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So easy
This sight is not shocking as I see many teenagers smoking in Bur Dubai. Teenagers are also addicted to shisha, which is easily accessible to them, especially in gaming centres near schools. There is also butane, which costs as low as Dh4 per tin and could easily be bought from any grocery store. We even have grocery shops selling retail cigarettes to children for just 50 Fils per piece. How would teens be able to resist these temptations if all of these options are so cheap and easily accessible?
From Mr Anil
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For a good reason
The community reporter admits that he is a smoker. Perhaps he sees himself in the boy and wants the boy to avoid becoming a smoker like him in the future – might be based on good intentions. It is not the age that matters here, but the habit itself – it is dangerous for any age. I wish the community reporter would also quit smoking.
From Ms Mohammad
Abu Dhabi
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No worries
This is nothing compared to what I saw. There were students who just finished school and were smoking very comfortably outside, with no fear of their guardians or teachers catching them.
From Mr Sikander
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Freedom of choice?
The storekeepers and agents, who let such things go by, have indeed no moral values. Their license should be cancelled and they should be deported. To those who feel that smoking is the choice of every individual, how can you expect a child to make the right choices? Would you allow your child to do the same when you know that cigarettes are carcinogenic?
From A Reader
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