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Letters: February 5, 2013

Letters: February 5, 2013

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Education is a luxury

Education has become a luxury these days with only a limited segment out of the total population worldwide capable of affording it. Quality education seems like a distant dream for many parents who find it next to impossible to meet with the ever-increasing costs in this economy. A majority of brilliant students who are capable of achieving a lot more in life are often compelled to study at universities which award unaccredited degrees just because they are not financially well-off. The fact remains that several institutions have started using education as a mere money-making tool with little or absolutely no regard towards the students and their future. There are hundreds of us who can become successful individuals given the right platform to excel in life. But due to our financial conditions, many of us are usually forced to give up on our dreams and ambitions. Education now depends on our financial situation and stance in society. However, in today’s world, education is a must to cope with the fast-paced society.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


Well deserved

She is a star (‘Malala up for Nobel Peace Prize,’ Gulf News, February 2). God bless such a courageous girl. She truly deserves this award.

From Ms Madhu Madan


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I hope this nomination teaches Taliban a lesson not to go about shooting activists standing up for their education and rights. This should become a deterrent to those who spread wrong views in the name of Islam. Islam doesn’t stop girls or women from being educated. Then who are these people to blame Islam, by not only spreading incorrect views but also by assaulting activists of education?

From A Reader

Manama, Bahrain

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Set standards

People who had followed Hilary Clinton during her tenure will agree that she is indeed leaving with a lasting impression (‘Clinton: A lasting impression,’ Gulf News, January 31). She became the secretary of state in the administration of the man who defeated her - it shows how much confidence US President Barack Obama had in her. Obama recognised her character and qualities and used it to the best possible effect. Clinton at the helm of diplomacy is a real source of inspiration to all women in the world. More importantly, she never missed an opportunity to emphasise on “marginalisation of women and girls”, which is something we all have to appreciate. Somebody of her stature vouching for such change will definitely help to eradicate gender inequality to a greater extent. The speculation that she will seek to succeed Obama in 2016 can be considered due to her growing popularity among the people of America. It is certainly a fact that her charisma will encourage young women all over the world to pursue their dreams. The statement that ‘she will be remembered along with the other great post-war US secretaries of state’ is enough for anyone to evaluate her contribution. Her conviction in every single approach was evident and it made it easy for Clinton to make the difference. The way she handled otherwise alienated allies, and brought them back to the fold, is remarkable. She also made an impact in all countries she visited during her tenure. Obama should be happy about his judgment in appointing Clinton as the secretary of state and obviously her successor will have to strive hard to maintain the same impression.

From Mr Shivshankar K T


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