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Letters: February 19, 2013

Letters: February 19, 2013

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Educate the women

As a woman, I am glad that recently, female violence has been coming to light with the help of Gulf News reports. I seriously believe that education is the key to change. If women are aware of their rights and are educated enough, they can fight back and not be fooled by people, especially by medical practitioners who exploit them. I strongly believe that it’s time to spread awareness about such instances. Private clinics that take advantage of innocent females by burdening them with debts and causing them unnecessary pain should be shut down. It is a society’s duty to protect its people and especially its women, who have been exploited. Very serious action should be taken, and awareness must be created through banners or by targeting remote areas and encouraging innocent females to become aware of what is right and wrong. This would help reduce the crime against women.

From Ms B Siddiqui


Better options

I’m with the general sentiment here, and don’t think that Air India deserves to be the national airline of India (‘Why do Indians hate their airlines?’ Gulf News, February 16). Having experienced a delay when I travelled to Mangalore, the fact that I wasn’t able to contact any person on any of the telephone numbers mentioned on their site, the pathetic quality of seats and service on the flight, I have vowed never to travel with Air India (Express) again. I would like to inform other readers that there are other airlines that now fly to Mangalore that would make passengers feel that they are travelling well after having used Air India Express.

From Mr Anup

Abu Dhabi

Unprofessional staff

I had a very bad experience with Air India Express. One of my co-passengers used the Lavatory located towards the front side of the airplane. While he was returning to his seat, the airhostess asked him: ‘Who permitted you to use?’ This got some people into a heated argument with the staff. One of the airhostesses started threatening that she would file a case against the passengers arguing, which could put them in jail for a minimum of three years. She then started to flaunt her qualifications. From then on I have decided never to use Air India again.

From A Reader


Website comment

Name withheld by request

Don’t judge

I have travelled with Air India many a times and I haven’t faced any problems so far. Even their customer service has been excellent. To know this you have to travel with Air India to other destinations, such as, Europe and USA. So, please don’t judge the airline.

From Mr Nabeel


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Always delayed

I had a very bad experience with Air India, when I had to travel to India after hearing the news that my father had passed away. This is about two years ago. I took a flight on another airline from Dubai to Mumbai that landed on schedule at 12pm. I was then booked on an Air India flight from Mumbai to Aurangabad. The flight was to take off at 3pm but was delayed by four hours. I was in a very difficult situation. The last ritual before putting my father’s body to rest was on hold only because of this delay. I have experienced delays with Air India most of the time. I would never recommend flying the airline, especially if there is an emergency because you will never make it on time.

From Mr Lodhi Azmatullah


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Don’t take the risk

Traditionally in India air travel was considered to be for the affluent. However, with time all classes of society have started to travel by air. The reason behind poor services is because many of the passengers travelling to the GCC countries are labourers. The Union Minister, Shashi Tharoor, labelled the workers as the “cattle class,” thus the airlines seems to be treating its passengers with prejudice. Customer care is not in the menu of Air India for the Gulf sector and the disappointed passengers are a subject of their indifferent attitude. Even though many passengers have shifted their choice of airlines, some are still hanging on to Air India because of minimum price difference. Those passenger’s don’t realise that they will pay heavily when an untoward incident occurs.

From Mr Salim Panthodi

Abu Dhabi

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