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Letters: December 27, 2012

Letters: December 27, 2012

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Self Defence for women

Once the protests over the rape in a bus in Delhi subsides, the promise of plainclothes Indian police travelling on buses and similar other assurances will fade away pushing the situation back to square one (‘Plain clothes police travel on buses,’ Gulf News, December 21). We have a bitter experience of hearing such promises in the aftermath of violent incidents that are broken later. Indian police has the hackneyed excuse of dearth of personnel for not fulfilling the promises. Police helplines are also a farce as they will remain unanswered. I believe that self help is the best help for women. With the increase in number of rape cases, it is time for women to stop depending on others and hoping that society will be safer. All women should learn a few techniques of self defence to protect themselves, as we all know that there will never be a complete end to such horrendous acts by perverted men.

From Mr Chellapah Periyasamy


Holiday season

Another holiday season is upon us. In a world that has become obsessed with the latest piece of technology, ever changing fashion trends and puts wants over basic needs, it is nice to see some following the true meaning of the holidays. To all those who have donated their money, possessions and their time to helping those in need, like those in Newton, Connecticut and the Philippines, thank you. Thank you for teaching us that no matter what hardships we might face or how bleak the future may look, we are not alone and that there will always be someone there to lend a helping hand.

From Ms Gillian Wright


Enough is enough

Israel has announced the construction of yet more colonies. How can we allow this? How can we stand by and watch as one people dispose another? Peace talks have brought nothing but failure, but instead of searching for another solution, the international community seems to have washed their hands off the issue and are now turning a blind eye. Stamping their foot and tut-tutting this move is not the same as evaluating the problem and taking a real interest. It only shows those in need that unless they have something valuable to provide, no one will come to their aid. If the UN wants to prove that it is still a valuable body that can make a difference, it needs to stand up and take action, let it lead the way and set an example for the rest of the world.

From Mr Ahmad Seddiqi


Taxi complaint

As a motorist I would like to highlight the main concern about road safety inside Abu Dhabi city. The taxi drivers stop their cars suddenly near the busy roadside to pick or drop the passengers. The vehicles behind these taxis have to apply sudden breaks and often escape the collision with a very small distance. Furthermore, the taxis also block the traffic on the road. I witness these dangerous situations almost every day. If an accident occurs, the car at the back will have to pay the fine. The taxi drivers will get another car but the private car owners suffer. Strict traffic rules need to be in place and there should be designated areas on streets for pick up and drop-off. I hope my letter spreads awareness amongst the public to drive carefully and not stop taxis at unauthorised spots.

From Mr Saju M George

Abu Dhabi

Brush up the buses

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) buses plying between Dubai Media City and Al Ghubaiba and further down to Sharjah are excellent when it comes to timings. But, the problem is that the temperature of the air-conditioning inside the buses is very low and it makes the long journey very uncomfortable. Furthermore, some buses also have problems with the doors, which make a noise when they open and close. Sometimes, peak hour in the buses makes the commute very difficult, especially for women, because our section fills up quickly and then we have to go upstairs. I suggest that the front two rows should be reserved for women when they are in the common section, as not everyone is comfortable sitting next to strangers. I hope the RTA looks into this matter.

From Ms Rita


Full name withheld by request


Great effort

Recently I found that Metro stations have been installed with new queue discipline stickers in order to avoid the hassle and conflicts in the Metro during rush hour. This is a great idea to stop people from pushing each other. The stickers clearly show and advice passengers to first give way to the people leaving the Metro and then board the train in a queue. I would like to thank and applaud the Roads and Transport Authority for this excellent initiative. I request and hope that passengers abide by this rule.

From Mr Salim Mohammed


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