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Letters: December 20, 2012

Letters: December 20, 2012

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Overwhelmed by kind effort

I wanted to thank Gulf News and Union Taxi for their swift action. My wife lost her wallet on December 15 and it had her money, credit card, driving license, car registration and other valuables. I got a call from Gulf news the very next morning, saying that Sharjah Union Taxi had contacted them with the wallet. We were fortunate enough to have the Gulf News Good Living card in her wallet. Gulf News did not only call me, but also connected me to Union Taxi office. I was very pleased. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their timely action. My wife immediately went and collected her wallet, which was intact. The staff at Union Taxi informed my wife that a Sudanese woman had dropped her wallet at their office. I’m overwhelmed by this gesture of the woman to go all the way. God bless her but she refused to reveal her identity. I am happy to know that such people exist in this world to make it even more beautiful. She is a role model to all of us.

From Mr Shivshankar K.T.


Is it only about money?

It’s very disturbing that a school with an enrolment of 5000 students will be shut down because the owners do not find it financially sustainable (‘Westminster School in Dubai will close down,’ Gulf News, December 17)! Furthermore, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority has approved this proposal. Is it only the love of money that makes us spread education? Can’t there be a scheme for subsidising or sponsoring by KHDA? On my recent visit to Pakistan, a friend invited us to his farm near Lahore. I was impressed to see that he had established a co-education school and a girl’s college on part of his property. All free of charge! The syllabi as well as the teachers were absolutely of current and high standards. Upon asking as to the amount of fee, he said that the female students of his area find it difficult to travel to Lahore. Hence, providing free education allows them to access college studies in this area and encourages more girls to study.

From Mr Arif Zaki



My children also study in another school operated by the GEMS. I recently received an email from the management, thanking parents for their donation given towards opening schools in India and Kenya. I don’t understand why they are donating money to others at the cost of their schools here. Charity begins at home!

From Mr Hameed K Mustafa


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Don’t shut down our school

As a year 11 student of the Westminster School I’m quite appalled by the decision of the KHDA and the GEMS management. We, students and teachers, are extremely comfortable with the setup of the school. It would be wrong to end our academic life at the school that abruptly. Most students are willing to pay the increased fees. The KHDA must reconsider their decision.

From Mr Savio Lodh


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I study at the Westminster School, in grade 8. I am not very happy with the news. I still have one more year, while I can also complete grade 9. But my youngest brother has to find a school from September 2013. Is this fair?

From Mr Sauban


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Easy access to guns

It is heartbreaking not only for the families of the children, but the entire world (‘Agents visit gun shops after school massacre, Gulf News, December 17). The thriller movies could be one of the reasons. Children are easily influenced by such things and are always worshipping such people as heroes and try to imitate them. Another reason is weapons are easily available to children. It’s common sense that the firearms supply in America needs to be controlled and monitored. Let’s see what the American government is going to do about it.

From A Reader

Abu Dhabi

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Urgent action required

We were shattered after hearing about this tragic and evil act that killed those innocent children who do not know any harm. The US should first put a strong rule of selling guns in private, and government agencies should be appointed to sell guns only to authorised people. Greater gun control should be put into place immediately. People’s safety should be given prime importance and action to avoid such heinous crimes in future must be taken.

From Mr Pravin

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Strengthen Indian Cricket Team

It is natural that sportspersons, politicians and public figures would receive bouquets if they perform and brickbats if they fail (‘Let Sachin decide on when to quit: Pollock,’ Gulf News, December 14). Tendulkar at 40 is already overdue for retirement. His recent performances stand testimony to this. There is nothing unethical, if his fans are asking for his retirement. Instead of gleefully living on past glory, concentration should be towards building a stronger team for the future. The older players should retire gracefully and groom the youngsters with the experience they have.

From Mr Chellappah Periyasamy


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