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Letters: August 5, 2012

Letters: August 5, 2012

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Stop sitting around

How many times have we seen a picture of a poor child with no food or water lying in a bed surrounded by flies? I think we’ve seen it so many times that we have become immune to the message it’s sending out. We all feel sorry and put on a sad face when we see such images but that will get us nowhere and nor will it give us brownie points because we ‘felt sad’. All we do is work, go out, socialise, eat and eat some more. While we sit on our comfortable couches and sleep on our king size beds these children are dying by the hundreds. They come into the world and then leave it without even being noticed. Everyone needs to spare some change. We all have the money and the resources to help the world!

From Mr Tarek Khalid

Abu Dhabi

Going back in time

I’m really surprised at reading this (‘Couple denied US wedding because of skin colour’, Gulf News, July 31). I felt like I was back in the 1950s when I read it. Do we really have such mentality in the 21st century? It seems that we’re moving back in time. How is it any of the pastor’s business who is getting married? They are two regular people that are forming a union. On one hand you have Hollywood stars that get a divorce two days after getting married and on the other hand you have people who can’t get married because of their skin colour. I fail to understand the logic behind this. I think it should be a crime to make such ridiculous decisions! I really feel that the sanctity of marriage has lost its meaning.

From Ms Najla Hamani


Something different

I would like to wake up to this kind of pleasant news (‘Saudi woman offers helpful man her daughter in marriage’, Gulf News, July 30). These days it is abnormal if the front page does not have news about a massacre or something taboo or controversial. Or rather, greater attention is given to negative acts of violent and greedy individuals. Reality is not that bad. One good deed far outweighs many negatives.

From Mr Roy

Abu Dhabi

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Good news!

I agree with Gulf News reader Roy’s comment [above]. Waking up to good news is nowadays a rare thing! It certainly helps in bolstering the morning mood, which translates into a better day!

From Mr J. J.


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Connecting the UAE

I hope they finally link all the emirates (‘Etihad Rail tenders contracts for phase two of network’, Gulf News, July 30). I would also love to see the availability of moving cars by rail. This would lighten the load on the road networks, removing trucks that transport cars and passenger cars, making it possible for families to travel across the country easily. Good luck to Etihad Rail.

From Mr S. C.


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It’s one or the other

The abortion laws in Spain make no sense to me (‘Spain angers feminists over abortion’, Gulf News, Jul 30). A country where abortion is legal now protects the life of physically challenged unborn babies? It is surprising that on one hand the government has given the heads up to abort healthy babies and on the other hand it tries to save the physically challenged ones. The lawmakers need to revise their decision and understand that every life is significant and has the right to live. The only solution here is to either make abortions illegal in the country, or let women simply opt for it without the condition of protecting physically challenged unborn babies.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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A happy medium

It’s ironic that we buy tablet devices, new phones and other gadgets to connect, but actually end up being more disconnected than ever before (“Focus: Living a virtual life”, Gulf News, August 4). As someone in her mid-twenties, I know that my generation has settled into a comfortable medium between obliviousness and overkill – while the first indicates my parents’ generation, the latter shows my 13-year-old brother’s tech-savvy one. But despite being able to switch on and off at ease, I too sometimes have withdrawal symptoms while travelling and my phone is always on the hunt for free wi-fi. Technology has a dangerous lure that can only be restrained by pursuing more ‘real life’ experiences and activities.

From Ms Dania Ali


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