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Letters: August 29, 2012

Letters: August 29, 2012

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More mosques to come

This is with reference to Gulf News reader Omar’s comment (‘Nowhere to Pray’, Gulf News, August 22). Tecom Investments acknowledges the importance of having mosques in the Tecom area. We would like to confirm that the area comprising Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Knowledge Village, currently has one mosque that is functional and two mosques in the pipeline. In Tecom Site C [see map - labelled in orange], two mosque plots have been granted to donors and are currently under design. The mosque at Dubai Knowledge Village is open to residents. The attached map illustrates the layout of existing mosques and the mosques under construction.

From Mr Badr Al Gergawi

CEO of the Engineering Division

Tecom Investments


From the left to the right

I have seen many cases like this (‘Violations of child safety on UAE roads’, Gulf News, August 27). I have also seen people talking on the phone without realising that their car is not in the proper lane – sometimes drifting to the left or right. I always take extra caution when driving next to these drivers.

From Mr M.O.

Abu Dhabi

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Parents don’t care

I often see children sitting in the front seat very close to where the airbag is and I am so surprised that the parents are not bothered about the safety of their children. This could only be stopped by imposing heavy fines and confiscating the driver’s license for a month. Unless tough penalties are imposed these parents won’t learn. In this case since these parents think that money is more important than their children’s life, they will stop.

From Mr Hanu


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Are they in the right?

This is just about the oddest story making the rounds of newspaper headlines these days (“Punk band members on the run”, Gulf News, August 27). The punk band in Russia who were under trial for weeks on end, were finally sentenced for apparently stoking anti-Putin sentiments. Then today we read that two of them have escaped and are on the run. This is just bizarre. The all-girl band were known for inappropriate public conduct and display including burning a police car. Finally, they held a mock prayer and it got them arrested. Yes, freedom of speech is important but what we have to be careful about is as to who are what is promoted under its guise. And Pussy Riot is a case and point in this argument.

From Ms Innama Vasterston

Abu Dhabi


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