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Letter: Novemebr 21, 2012

Letter: Novemebr 21, 2012

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My story

It’s time to share the accident I suffered a few months ago. I got my driving license in early 2010, and soon after, everyone started praising my driving abilities. Sadly this gave me confidence that I could do anything on the road and get away with it. I started chasing after every speeding driver on Shaikh Zayd Road, inviting fines. But it didn’t stop me and I kept going. My parents were worried about my reckless driving and even that made no difference to me. In fact I started boasting about my traffic fines like it was some trophy that I won. Last January, I was on a vacation back home in Kerala, India. We were planning a long road trip. People warned me to be careful on Indian roads. I was driving like I always do and I had a major crash. I didn’t see a truck crossing as there were no street lights. I tried to stop my car but it was too late. I crashed into the truck and then into a wall on the opposite side. The car was totalled completely. But luckily I survived and had some minor scratches here and there. But that day I realised the value of life and my stupidity of driving recklessly. I’ve never driven like that again; actually I can’t do it anymore. I often see people speeding and remember how I use to do the same. But, I pray for them and hope they realise that it’s not worth it. I don’t know if my letter would make a difference but I just want to tell all those reckless drivers that it’s only one second, one accident, one moment and you might lose everything. Please don’t risk your lives, I was lucky to survive but you never know how long you will be lucky.

From Mr Sibi Abdul Hakkim



Thank you very much to the authorities for the making of the pedestrian bridge over Dubai Creek (‘Pedestrian bridge to be built across Dubai Creek,’ Gulf News, November 18). Till now we were using the boat, which was charging Dh0.20. Money was one issue but time was another, as the boat took very long because we had to wait during rush hours. Additionally, the boat owners are very rude to the passengers.

From Mr Vinod


Website comment

Appreciate the effort

I really appreciate the authorities for their dedication and effort towards the development of the country. The Dubai Creek pedestrian bridge was really required for thousands of people every day. I salute everyone who has been a part of this wonderful Idea. This will make life much easier for us. Thank you.

From A Reader


Website comment

Israel’s safety measures

In the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, the number of people who have died is often used to imply that ‘more Palestinians die than Israelis.’ Scratching at the surface of this concept shows that it fails at the first hurdle. The reason behind fewer deaths of Israelis is because Israel has the Iron Dome system, in which Hamas rockets are knocked out of the sky by Israeli missiles. This has been implemented hundreds of times in the past few days. If those rockets had hit their targets, many people would be killed. Many houses and building in Israel have bomb shelters. There also have public bomb shelters for those who seek refuge upon hearing an air-raid siren.

From Mr Michelle Moshelian


Stop the violence

The attack on Gaza is genuinely targeting peace in Palestine and elsewhere in the region (‘Gazans face another wave of displacement’ November 18). The consequence of such attempts is confusing to the rest of the world, and the suffering Palestinian community continues to be the victims of human belligerence. History reveals that responding military will only have an adverse effect in the long run. The world must realise that the sufferings of common people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria have never ended in the years of conflicts. All that has happened is that there are more enemies and more destruction. People from across the world, who realise the agony, must come forward to help bring the reality of the situation, rather than watching and commenting on them remotely through television screens.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


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