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Is this the best idea?

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Is this the best idea?

Job aspirants need to submit good conduct certificate that covers the past five years when applying for a work visa to the UAE, and this is going to complicate procedures (“Good conduct certificate for new expatriates a positive step”, Gulf News, January 10). Job interviewers need to have the expertise in choosing a candidate for the particular job through the merits and manners of a person, not with mere certificates. Candidates obtain certificates and produce them before the panel to complete the procedures. The consulting team’s research and study is very much essential when interviewing candidates for prospective jobs. Co-operation, flexibility in adapting to new environments and dependability, to name a few, should be viewed seriously. The government’s decision in screening a job aspirant’s background is welcome. But, only producing a ‘good conduct certificate’ is not going to help a lot. You cannot judge or stamp a person who was accidentally involved in a police case, as a criminal, and as a result, deny him or her a good job opportunity.

From Mr M. K. Gunaseelan

Abu Dhabi

Broken dreams of fans

On the eve of our team’s departure to South Africa, we too had high hopes (“20s and 30s not enough on this track, says Kohli”, Gulf News, January 10). While people talked of how our Indian bowlers find it difficult to dismiss top batting sides twice, that too outside of the subcontinent, our bowlers proved them wrong by capturing 20 wickets of just 416 runs. But it was our so called world-class batsmen, who proved that they are still vulnerable to pace and swing bowling on alien pitches. Hats off to the South African team, especially their pace batteries, who had planned to nail our batsmen. Of course, part of the blame should go to our coach and captain, who preferred to bench cricketers KL Rahul and Ajinkye Rahane, two of our best batsmen. Ironically, two of our well-equipped batsmen in the team, Murli Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara too were found wanting. I hope our boys would have realised their follies and pulled up their socks to fight it out.

From Mr N. Viswanathan


More hard work from players

The article aptly analyses the plight of our players against South Africa. No doubt another dream seems to have been shattered and this has proved that our cricket team can be a lion only in our own den. As expected, it was a dream start on day one at Cape Town, where our bowlers were able to restrict the star-studded South African team to a total of 286. Then came our nightmare. If our players had done their homework properly to plot the downfall of the other batsman we could have won. Thanks to Pandya’s attacking batting, our team was able to reduce the lead. The rain on day three was a blessing in disguise for our bowlers, who were able to bundle out South Africa, for just 130 runs and made our batsmen’s job easier to achieve a smaller target of 208 runs. But alas, once again our batsmen were impatient and gifted away their wickets and we lost the test in three playing days. Incidentally, Hardik Pandya has talent and he still proved to be a novice, nowhere near our legendary Kapil Dev, who has won many matches on his own with his all-round performances. With this inept and pathetic performance, Indian Captain Virat Kohli and his team have shattered the dreams of cricket fans in India.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Oprah for President?

Oprah Winfrey has always been a well-known face in the entertainment industry (“Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech sparks talk of 2020 campaign”, Gulf News, January 10). Not only is she a success story but she has done a lot as a talk-show host and has used her position to help other people. Her speech at the Golden Globes was inspiring and she hit the nail on the head. Despite her accolades, I think considering her for the position of the President of the United States is a little far fetched. I think people take politics lightly and a clear example of this is Donald Trump’s approach to international relations. To be the president, one needs to have experience in office or in some governmental role. No one should be able to become the president of a country if they simply have money. If Winfrey is serious about this then for the next couple of years she needs to dedicate her time to learning more about politics and the system.

From Ms Alia Mathur


Will savings reduce?

I think it is true that all the Emirates will benefit due to the VAT revenue stream (“VAT allocation benefits all”, Gulf News, January 9). However, it should also be noted that the principal aim of people is to save some money for a rainy day. Their incomes and savings will reduce. I am aware that the government is proactive and might increase the salaries of its employees to blunt the impact of VAT. This has already happened in Saudi Arabia. However, even the private sector should also be proactive and review salaries, so that their employees do not take a hard knock due to VAT.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja


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