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Humbling to see Dubai ruler out with his family

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Humbling to see Dubai Ruler out with his family

It’s amazing that I always see His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, living a humble and simple life (‘Facebook picture: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his son Zayed out at lunch’, Gulf News, November 21). He always meets and has conversations with any resident that he comes across in the country. It’s all very humbling. There’s something very comforting to see this picture of him eating with his family at a normal restaurant that many of us like to go to. He is a good and kind Ruler.

From Mr Kazitauhidhul Alam


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A beautiful simplicity

It’s amazing that I don’t think I’ve seen any leader and his family having food at a normal restaurant. This shows the beautiful simplicity, even as a Ruler of the country. I have so much respect for this man.

From Mr Mohammad Fahad Al Harith


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Down to Earth

It’s a very cute photograph of Shaikh Mohammad and his son. It proves that even a leader of this magnitude is down to Earth, close to his own people and not keeping away. There are many other countries that could learn from his example.

From Ms Agatha


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We must support India’s Prime Minister

I refer to Mihir Sharma’s article in Gulf News on the Indian currency decision (‘India’s currency move is loaded with risks’, Gulf News, November 21). He is utterly negative throughout the article and never bothered to mention the counterfeit currency floating in India.

He talks about long queues and inconveniences faced by the middle income group and the poor. But, the middle income group and the poor are immune to such inconveniences and the politician and big businessmen never stand in the queue even if he visits the bank for one thing or the other. Demonetisation is a bitter medicine we have to take to become healthy. Black money cannot be eradicated 100 per cent since some of it is converted into property, jewellery and gold. But, the hoarded black money has become invalid. Even if it is declared and tax is paid 30 to 40 per cent, that means 30 to 40 per cent of black money has been eradicated.

The planning of demonetisation cannot be better. If you say that it should have been better than this, then the cat would have been out of the bag and all would have taken steps to convert their black money beforehand. We have now a strong and selfless Prime Minister who has a vision. We have to support him.

From Mr M. N. Rai


Letter to be placed in a separate box:

Article was not correct, complaint

We refer to the article ‘Hospital warned after man lapses into vegetative state’ printed by Gulf News on November 10, 2016. This article is almost entirely based on a medical report submitted by a doctor who was retained by the patient’s family and who had limited familiarity with events. Therefore, please note that this report cannot be relied upon to present a fair and accurate description of the circumstances surrounding the case and many of the areas of dispute will be clarified during the appeal process, which is currently underway. Given, however, that Mediclinic City Hospital was not given the opportunity to review or correct details within the article prior to publication, we now draw your attention to particular and significant inaccuracies within the article, which are causing immediate and totally unwarranted damage to the professional reputation of one of our highly-regarded physicians.

Gulf News states:

“Hussain was rushed to ICU at 10am and Dr ZuhairYousuf, a cardiac surgeon, arrived at 10.50am after a full 1-hour-and-50-minute time lapse.”

Mediclinic City Hospital disputes this statement as follows:

- Following the patient’s transfer to ICU, the decision was made to call Dr Zuhair Yousuf who was elsewhere in the hospital. According to telephone logs, this call was completed at 10.41.49am. Dr Yousuf was with the patient by 10.50am, a time period of marginally over eight minutes, not one hour and 50 minutes as the article states, at which time he began corrective action to save the patient’s life.

- Dr Zuhair Yousuf is a cardiologist, not a cardiac surgeon.

The implication that Dr Yousuf personally took a lengthy period to respond to the emergency has caused significant and unnecessary damage to his reputation. Mediclinic City Hospital insists that a retraction is printed in the newspaper and all online versions are corrected to reflect the actual version of events, otherwise further action relating to defamation of his professional character will be taken.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Leon Du Preez

Senior Corporate Medical Direction

Mediclinic Middle East

Gulf News: The report was based on a medical report submitted to the Dubai Healthcare City Regulatory (DHCR). This report became the basis of the DHCR investigation. All facts, as stated in the medical report, were adhered to in the article.

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