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Facebook debate: Desertification

Can we, on an individual level, make a big enough impact to prevent desertification or do companies need to be more responsible?

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Companies play a large role

Global development can cause people to inadvertently harm plant life. It can also cause issues with the soil, due to chemicals and other things that may pollute the ground. As areas become more urbanised, there are less places for plants to grow, thus causing desertification. Deforestation is one of the main drivers of desertification and the processes that set desertification in motion. Establishing economic opportunities outside drylands is a possible solution. Unveiling new possibilities for people to earn a living, such as urban growth and infrastructure, could relieve and shift pressures underlying the desertification processes. Because vegetation loss is the primary cause of desertification, as plants play a major part in retaining water and enriching the soil, reforestation programmes are among the most effective solutions. There is a lot of educational work to be done on the dangers of deforestation and how to curb it. Environmental organisations, social businesses and environmental funds can often provide concrete solutions for deforestation.

From Ms Megna Rajagopal


A wealth of sunshine

It’s extremely important that companies and governments do what they can for desertification. Setting up solar panels and using them to sustain the spread of greenery, to turn the land into an oasis, would be ideal. In the UAE, the country has abundant sunshine, which can be harnessed.

From Mr Gulam M. Gaziani


We can fight

Working on an individual level can also work just as well. With many individuals reducing waste, not littering, being careful of plant life in the desert and helping in the effort to plant trees, we can fight this battle.

From Mr Richard Taremwa


Companies need to act

I appreciate Gulf News raising this pressing issue. Desertification affects the UAE greatly, which is why the authorities have taken the necessary steps to counter it. However, companies need to do more. We need to avoid destroying what plant life is out there. Preserving, sustaining and encouraging plant growth is key to helping this issue. Desertification can have extensive social impact on communities.

From Jamal A.


Awareness campaign

Guidelines for buildings are required, along with social campaigns, to raise awareness.

From Mr Waqas Ahmad

Islamabad, Pakistan

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