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Facebook debate: Challenging stereotypes

Although we know stereotypes are inaccurate, do they play a large role in how an individual is treated?

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It’s getting better

There are stereotypes that affect the way people are treated, but I think we are getting better at assessing individual behaviour and abilities.

From Mr Chauncey Maurice


Still happens

I agree with Mr Chauncey Maurice. It’s happening a lot still, but I would like to imagine people are getting better.

From Mr Charlie Payne

Abu Dhabi

A tendency to stereotype

Though we know that few people behave in a certain way and try to impose their judgments on others and almost convince us to prove their point. I find this happens especially in the workplace. People with a prejudiced mentality about various factors like race, religion, culture, gender, age, physical appearances and colour all contribute to the tendency of stereotyping.

From Ms Deepika Kasturi


Not socially acceptable

I think the world is getting better at not using these stereotypes because we are becoming more aware, thanks to the internet. Also, I think it’s just no longer socially acceptable to even talk about these stereotypes, let alone apply them!

From Ms Lili Maria


Job applicants

I definitely believe people are being typecast. I find it even when I look at advertisements for job vacancies, even though this practice is illegal in most parts of the world.

From Mr Baitani Latif


Diversifying workforce

It might still happen where jobs are asking for certain discriminatory description, but I think it’s happening less because it is illegal. I don’t live in the UAE, but I know in many other countries minorities are discriminated against and that’s why there are incentives for companies to hire a diverse workforce. Unfortunately, it’s still a work in progress!

From Ms Shamsa Malik


Effects women empowerment

Stereotypes definitely play into the issues we have with discrimination today. Women empowerment is still a struggle in much of the world because there are stereotypes of what a woman can or can’t do! I know households where men aren’t even allowed in the kitchen when the women are at work cooking. These things have been ingrained into us for centuries and it will take time break these roles.

From Ms Jessica Guitarra


Accuracy of stereotypes

Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Of course there are some that are completely unfounded, but you can’t deny that people are moulded by how they are raised and the traditions they grew up with. When these stereotypes are used to discriminate against a person, that’s when there is a problem. We are all capable people.

From Mr John Clearance


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