RDS_161126 YT Complaint FGB

Reader ends up paying more than he bargained for in a test remittance transaction

RDS_161126 YT Complaints Du

Reader is taken in by an SMS that causes him to pay

RDS_161126 YT Complaint Gulf Air

Reader’s bags were lost on a flight and he didn’t received any compensation for months

RDS_161123 YT Complaints Bank policy problems

The reader claims to have had three different issues with the same bank in the past three months

RDS_161121 du

A sim card was fraudulently registered under a customer, who wanted it cancelled

RDS_161121 Emirates airline

Reader wants compensation for her family’s luggage not making it on the plane



RDS_161204 YT Facebook debate

How to describe Cuba’s former President Fidel Castro? What defines a good leader of a nation?

RDS_161201 UAE WEB

When readers were asked what makes them happy living in the UAE, the response was overwhelming...

RDS_161123 YT Letters

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

RDS_161120 YT Facebook Debate

Will India’s decision to withdraw Rs500 (Dh27.1) and Rs1,000 bank notes help the common man?

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