'World's cheapest tablet' now in Dubai

The Dh299 XPad from India hits major UAE retail chains

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New tab in town: Indrajif Sabharwal, MD, Simmtroniccs, launching the XPad in Dubai on Wednesday xpress/francois nel

DUBAI The “world’s most affordable tablet computer” priced at Dh299 has hit Dubai stores. The 7-inch tab in the XPad series from India was unveiled during a press conference here on Wednesday.

The lightweight touch-screen device is available at retail chains like Lulu Hypermarket, Plug-Ins, Ansar Mall and Sharaf DG.

Manufacturer Simmtronics said the tab has become the “hottest selling” product in the Asia-Pacific region with a current order booking of almost 500,000 units.

The High Definition display and Wi-Fi enabled model runs on Google’s Android ICS4.0 operating system, with a 1.0 gigahertz CPU speed and four gigabytes (GB) of storage, which can be expanded to 32GB through a Micro SD memory card. It also supports 3G connectivity and has a TF card and USB port.

By comparison, Apple’s new iPad (16GB) costs about Dh2,000 and is loaded with a 9.5-inch screen, dual-core processor, Bluetooth, five megapixel camera, about 10 hours of battery life (while web surfing on Wi-Fi).

Cheap tablets are riding the popularity wave created by the runaway success of devices like the iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab – which cost about five or six times more than the XPad.

However, quality and reliability have been an issue in the me-too tabs, mainly made in China.

“The XPad’s got price, quality, reliability, functionality – and it’s not made in China,” said Indrajit Sabharwal, Simmtronics’ chairman and managing director.

The XPad’s 7-inch model is just about Dh80 more expensive than the $60 (Dh220) commercial version of the Aakash tab in India, which has been touted as the world’s cheapest tab.

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  • Sunshine

    Jul 12, 2012 1:51

    I just came to Sharaf DG now, they are selling 599dhs for 2 pcs and 350dhs for 1pc..so how would it be 299dhs only?

  • S Jose

    Jul 12, 2012 1:40

    The price variation of Dh50-60 does not make a big difference. Before stating that China has cheaper tablets, it would be better for one to buy one, use and compare. I have used this product and found that the quality and reliability is much better than the Chinese one my children are using. Common public does not need to panic. Any cheap priced quality tablets are good for the common man - does not matter if it is produced by china, pakistan, india, usa, or germany.

  • Mohamed Thameem

    Jul 12, 2012 12:16

    Wow, Wanna get 2 !!. INDIA Rocks...

  • yana

    Jul 12, 2012 12:14

    Xpad is not the first cheapest tablet to hit dubai. I bought "quest" by super general for same price from hyperpanda. Its an ok tab great for kids or not heavy loadwork. I thnk its just a matter of time till we get better quality with better pric from major brands, just like with mobile phones.

  • Khalfan

    Jul 12, 2012 11:59

    Since when is made in China not good enough?! Many if not most of the top american/european products are built/assembled in China! I would feel more confortable buying an XPAD if it was made in China even though designed and programmed in India. If you are looking for "qualified" and "expeienced" hand-labour that can handle such sensitive and advanced technology, you will find the best in China followed by Thailand. The two only countries in both Asia and subcontinent who have proven to have more technical expertise when developing/bulding/assembling their products are, obviously, Japan and South Korea. I would buy any Chinese made "gadget" over Indian made ones anytime. People are going to say "Oh, Apple has many Indians, or 60% of NASA are Indian", but that is not the point. Indians make great Engineers, Scientists, etc... but they still did not figure out how to get together and make something of it!

  • kashif ajmal malik

    Jul 12, 2012 10:12

    Sorry to know that Gulfnews has published an unauthentic report. Conducting a news conference is very easy but another tablet is available for 289 aed in abu dhabi, It was just a marketing tool to attract the customers. even I am coming up with a tablet pc which will be the cheapest of all. please check the linkthat shows 299 aed tablet is already available in the uae. yes but if they can bring 250 or less, that would be cheapest in the uae, not in the world, because in china, it comes for $55 only http://uae.souq.com/ae-en/tablet-accessories/289-299-aed/a-cp/l/

  • Namreen Bhatti

    Jul 12, 2012 9:54


  • virgo67

    Jul 12, 2012 9:53

    Amazing , Cheaper than a Shirt , my god that too with warranty !!!!!!! Unbelievable

  • sanjeev

    Jul 12, 2012 9:20

    Good to hear that India is also in the race with china ......to create electronic waste............

  • Naveen Shetty

    Jul 12, 2012 9:17

    Very interesting and good news for parents here. Tablets can be effectively used in education sector and can have a positive effect on child's learning if innovative delivery models are adopted by schools. They can also replace text books very easily which is also environment friendly.

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