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Spa parties for kids

Gone are the days of birthday parties with clowns and face-painting as kids take the glam road to fun

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DUBAI: Manicures, pedicures, hair styling, braiding, make-up and body glitter … this isn’t a behind-the-scenes at Dubai Fashion Week, this is a regular weekend spa party for children, a concept that’s the latest rage in town.

Organised by Colour Nail at Times Square mall, the parties, which have become an instant hit for pre-teen girls and children, include a manicure, pedicure, nail design, hair style, temporary hair colour, braiding, body sprays, body glitter, body tattoos, make-up and whatever else the tween or her parent may ask for.

“It’s a huge trend at the moment,” says Colour Nail owner Dolly Smayra. “Come Thursday evening and we’re booked with back-to-back kids spa parties going up to Saturday night. So many girls today want to feed their inner diva and now, here’s their outlet.”

After the stars

With child stars like Hannah Montana in the limelight, it’s no surprise that young girls want to emulate their teenage idols. Despite initial hesitation, it’s an industry that’s now taken the world by storm with spa salons for children gaining in popularity.

For as little as Dh110 per child (without makeup application and a take-home pedicure set), going up to Dh130 per child, Colour Nail offers parents two basic packages to choose from. For little extras, the spa salon can organise one of two themes: a fashion show complete with make-up, bags, jewellery and feather boas to a Disco Spa night with colour changing lights, a disco ball, costume accessories, etc.

“The largest client base is young girls between the ages of four and 10,” says Smayra. “Not only do kids that age love coming in and getting glammed up, but mums get a couple hours of freedom too, to sip on a coffee or indulge in a bit of shopping while the children are being pampered and enjoying their girly day out.”

Besides the beauty treatments, the spa salon also organises food for the kids, as well as an after-make-up fashion show, disco party or karaoke sing-along.

“We began as a mother-daughter spa,” says Smayra. “The initial plan was to keep children entertained with DVDs, music, karaoke and even a mini mani-pedi while their mums were being pampered. That has now grown to a full-blown party service for kids.”

Among the more innovative parties organised was a Pinkalicious Pyjama Spa Party for a seven-year-old and her friends. “The mother had her decorators create all sorts of themed memorabilia which we displayed. There were pink cupcakes for all the girls to feast on. And as a special request, we created a seven-year-old girl’s dream bedroom right here in the salon, complete with a pink quilt and sheets, where she and her friends could relax on, while singing karaoke and getting their nails done. It’s surprising how creative some mothers are. A few of our birthday children have even turned up to the spa in a rented limo, ready to be pampered and treated like a princess all afternoon.”


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