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Murderer housemaid welcomes death sentence with a smile

Police unable to establish motive for murder of housemaid by colleague


Dubai: A death penalty can make even the most hardened criminals break down in tears. But a housemaid sentenced to death for the murder of a colleague smiled when the verdict was read out on Wednesday.

F.Y., the 28-year-old Ethiopian, was found guilty of the premeditated murder of fellow housemaid and countrywoman H.S.

A ghastly sight awaited the police when they visited the crime scene, a laundry room, on July 9, 2012.

The victim lay dead with multiple stab wounds in her stomach, chest, neck and face. Sitting calmly near her blood-splattered body was F.Y. - a meat skewer protruding from her own neck.

Details of what happened are sketchy, but prosectutors were able to establish that F.Y. had been waiting for H.S. in the laundry room with a weapon. Other maids and an Indian cook who worked in the same household told the court they heard loud screams coming from the laundry room.

The cook M.B. walked around the house till he came upon the windows to the laundry room. “When I peeked through the shutters I saw blood and called the police instantly,” he said.

A paramedic told police that after F.Y. was rushed to hospital, she removed the meat skewer herself. The motive of the murder remains unknown.


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