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Husain's wife delivers baby girl

Nida which means ‘the call’ in Arabic is an apt name to describe the generosity of residents who heeded the call to help distressed family

Image Credit: Abdel Krim-Kallouche/xpress
All smiles: Ishtiaq Hussain with wife, children and the newborn baby girl

Dubai Ishtiaq Husain’s wife Zainab gave birth to a 3.17kg girl at the Iranian Hospital on Sunday afternoon. Both mother and baby have been discharged from hospital following a normal delivery and are doing well.

The baby has been named Nida which means ‘the call’ in Arabic. It’s a befitting name to describe the outpouring of generosity from UAE residents who heeded the call to help the distressed family.

Nearly 1,000 people called Husain with money, food, clothes and job offers after XPRESS highlighted his plight in its November 8 edition. Driven to the brink, with no food to eat and nowhere to go, the Pakistani national had begged Dubai Police to put him behind bars along with his pregnant wife and two small children so that they wouldn’t starve.

As he held his little bundle of joy, Husain said his story is a reminder of God’s infinite mercy.

“I used to get suicidal thoughts, but I overcame them with faith and never lost hope.”


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May Allah bless those who helped them. My best wishes to the new born baby as well as her family.


22 November 2012 13:10jump to comments