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Expat devises system to reduce road accidents in UAE

The system will prevent road accidents and also warn if there’s an object while reversing

Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/XPRESS
SEEKING SUPPORT: Rehman's innovation is restricted to his garage due to lack of support

Sharjah: An auto parts shop owner in Sharjah claims to have come up with innovations that could reduce road accidents.

Pakistani expatriate Amin Ur Rehman said his wonder devices “improve communication among drivers” and prevent accidents caused during reversing.

The first device alerts the driver if there is an object behind the vehicle. If the vehicle reverses any further than one-and-a-half metres the accelerator automatically stop working.

There have been many cases of drivers accidentally running over children and pets while reversing. Rehman says such accidents can be avoided. “Even if you have music on, you would still be alerted because your seat will start vibrating. After that the accelerator would automatically stop functioning and you won’t be able to back off any further,” said Rehman.

The second innovation is an indicator which alerts the motorist behind you about which way you’d turn.

Rehman explained: When you are on the extreme left lane on a junction, signal or roundabout and flash your indicator, the motorist next to you knows you are turning, but he doesn’t know whether you’d go left or make a U turn. The chances of accidents are high if the other driver takes a U turn even as you go left. Most accidents happen due to lack of communication. So I decided to come up with an indicator that could help motorists distinguish the left turn from the U turn.”

His third innovation is a brake indicator which alerts drivers not just behind you but also on your left, right and ahead when you brake suddenly. “It’s a important safety feature, specially on roundabouts,” he said.

Lack of support

Rahman whose last invention was a talking stick for the blind said: “Implementing these systems into vehicles needs large scale production. Some companies have shown interest, but I am yet to find someone who would implement it. On my own it is tough to even get a patent,” he said.

Over the years Rehman has received several awards. He first came to the limelight when he converted a regular car into full options vehicle in 1987.


Stick with sensors, GPS for the blind

Nearly a decade ago, Rehman devised a stick that could make life for the visually impaired easier. The stick, which was equipped with sensors would not only convey hazards including pits and other objects in the way, it also had a talking watch. Additionally, he put a GPS system in the stick which would help track the blind person online in case they lost their way. “I had approached many charitable organisations and later was talking to a Hong Kong based company, but the project failed to take off. Even today there is no such product in the market and if it is available it would make a huge difference in the lives of those who cannot see,” he said.


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