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Dh99,999 TV anyone?

Sony unveils world’s largest 4K LCD TV, an 84 inch giant, in the UAE

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launch: Sony unveiled the world’s largest 4K LCD TV with a mini-theatre-sized screen

Dubai: Size does matter. Which could explain why Sony chose the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, to unveil the world’s largest 4K LCD TV — at a humongous 84 inches.

But before you rush to move furniture around in your home to fit in the big boy, be prepared to rob a bank or two, because the TV has an equally humongous price tag — Dh99,999!

However, if you are among those who consider that kind of money mere pocket change, there’s a lot of bang for the megabucks you shell out.

Below the mini-theatre-sized screen, there’s the latest in high resolution technology — 4K, which delivers four times the resolution of a full HD standard through the 3840x2160 LCD panel comprising 8.29 mega-pixels.

The good part is that even though 4K content is not yet being generated in abundance, Sony Bravia’s processing engine can upgrade most content of any resolutions into 4K resolution providing for an infinitely brilliant viewing experience.

The TV also provides immersive 3D viewing, which upgrades Blu-ray 3D or full HD 3D into 4K (a demo of a remote-controlled toy helicopter in the Armani Ballroom had members of the media ducking for cover).

Gamers also have reason to cheer with the SimulView allowing two player games to be played without having to split the screen, while the 10-unit live speakers on the TV blast out powerful sound to complete the picture.

For those who want to see what all the fuss is all about, visit Jumbo Electronics at Dubai Mall this Friday. The TV will go on sale in the UAE from November 18.


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