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Super Bowl shows its wild and wacky side

49ers’ Williams breaks into salsa dance with Spanish reporter

  • Baltimore Ravens’ Jameel McClain (left) dances with Telemundo reporter Mirrella Grisalesduring the NFL SuperImage Credit: Reuters
  • Jennifer Jones, of New Orleans, wearing Mardi Gras attire dances in the aisles of the Superdome during media dImage Credit: AP
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New Orleans, Louisiana: The circus came to the Superdome on Tuesday as the Super Bowl showed its wild and wacky side during Media Day.

It was all on display at the stadium as about 800 fans paid $25 (Dh92) each to see the players and media in a lighthearted environment that was often comical and serious at times.

Some of the media came dressed for the part. They wore wigs, fake tattoos, miner hats, gladiator suits, superhero costumes and there was one hack with a referee costume who kept throwing his yellow flag.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams danced salsa with a female Spanish-language reporter while the 49ers’ Ian Williams was more than happy to oblige when a rail-thin television entertainment reporter wanted to experience what it felt like to get tackled by a 300-pound (136kg) defensive tackle.

“There is no liability on his part if I get snapped in half,” the reporter said just before Williams slammed into him.

The 49ers took the field first in the morning for about an hour and then after a break it was the Baltimore Ravens’ turn.

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick answered questions from a large gathering of reporters who crowded six deep around his podium.

“It is a little bit weird for me,” second-year standout Kaepernick said of the experience of being in his first Super Bowl.

High profile players like Kaepernick and running back Frank Gore fielded questions from one of the dozen stages set up on the field at the Superdome while other players just mingled with the crowd.

“I don’t have a first Super Bowl memory. I just remember watching the Super Bowl all my life,” Kaepernick said. “I am just excited for this game. It is not something I am nervous about because you work all season long to get here.”

San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree said he’s excited for Sunday’s game but also wants to be careful not to let any self doubt upset what he’s trying to accomplish on the field.

“You can’t drop your head on the field because something bad happens,” said Crabtree. “You are going to fumble the ball sometimes. It is what you do after that and how you come back that counts.”

Gore said he’s watching plenty of game film this week to try and figure out ways to crack the tough Ravens’ defence.

“They are a great team,” Gore said. “They are big, fast and strong so we have to be ready. We have to chip away and when we get chances to make big plays we have to capitalise.”

San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh will be going up against his older brother John, who coaches the Ravens, in the first Super Bowl for each of the siblings. Jim said he hasn’t given much thought to trying to figure out what his brother’s game plan will be.

“Haven’t considered that,” Jim said. “Mainly, we’re just focused on our own preparation. Our expectation is to have a great day today. Great meetings and great workout over at the facility and continue our preparations for the game.”