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‘Time is ripe’ for UAE to invest in athletics

UAE AF urges private firms to help in bid to win Olympic medals

  • By Alaric Gomes, Senior Reporter
  • Published: 17:36 July 9, 2013
  • Gulf News

Dubai: The president of the UAE Athletics Federation (UAE AF) has called for “engagement and involvement” from the private sector to help lift the profile of athletics in the country.

“We have three years to go for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and I urge private companies to come and join us in our bid to get an Olympic medal for the UAE,” Ahmad Al Kamali, UAE AF boss and IAAF Council Member, told media after receiving the country’s two Asian Athletics Championships medal-winning athletes late on Monday.

“I want some of the private companies to approach me and surprise me as sponsors for these two athletes. I admire the huge backing from our government, but we need the private sector to get involved and engaged as bringing home an Olympic medal is a task before all of us.

“The time is ripe for everyone to be involved in this task before us. These two girls have proved what they are capable of during the Asian Championships in Pune. Now is the time for some private companies to step forward and help these girls realise the dreams of this country.”

Gulf News
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