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Focus: Living on social networks

Do you think social media promotes narcissism?

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  • Published: 16:42 December 11, 2012
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Join us this week to discuss the following statements:

• Social media has promoted narcissism, so people have no time for empathy.
• Social media creates a false sense of connection, so people fail to seek real help.
• People overestimate the fund and joy in other’s lives, pushing some towards depression by comparison.

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  1. Added 21:17 December 11, 2012

    Online interaction on social media sites is becoming a substitute for actual meetings, which can hurt social development and isolate users. People sit across dinner tables checking in on facebook rather than face to face conversation. Despite the name ‘social networks,’ much user activity on networking sites is self-focused. The deeper concern is that these sites offer gateway for self promotion via self descriptions, vanity via photos, large number of shallow relationships (friends are counted, sometimes reaching thousands)- each of which is potentially linked to narcissism. Social media sites are outlets to promote egotistical tendencies and inflated view of self.

    Ms. Madhu Madan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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