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Letters: Thursday, February 23, 2012

  • Published: 00:00 February 23, 2012
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Can't live without it
Our Fridays are incomplete without biryani — it's a routine (‘Food facts: Biryani without borders', Gulf News, February 18). I was not so fond of biryani but after almost 13 years of marriage and many arguments with my husband, I finally gave in and started enjoying biryani. We have tried a few restaurants from all around the UAE but nothing comes close to the one we go to in Sharjah. I doubt I can find such a dish in Hyderabad, which is where we are from. Every Friday afternoon after prayers, my husband drives straight to Yarmouk where the restaurant is and buys us lunch.
From Ms Aliah Khalid
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The real deal
I am from Karachi, which is known for its biryani restaurants. I love this dish, whether it is made in a restaurant or home-cooked, as long as it is made with authentic ingredients. Biryani is one of those dishes I can eat on a daily basis. People think it's easy to cook biryani using ready-made spices but if you want the real deal then it needs expertise and requires a lot of special spices.
From Mr Danish Jafri
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The time will come
My sincere prayers go to this child (‘Child denied right to visit jailed Palestinian father', Gulf News, February 18). I am not surprised that Israel does these kinds of acts. We have seen a number of attacks from their side. It seems that the media is so busy talking about other so-called terrorists that they have little time left for the suffering Palestinians. However, Gulf News has a different stand. I believe the time will come when everything will be reversed. May God bless all those people suffering under the brutal arms of Israel.
From Mr Shabir Madhur Kasaragod,
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Go to the source
I don't believe that fines will prevent truck drivers from illegally driving through restricted roads (‘Trucks render roads chock-a-block in Sharjah', Gulf News, February 19). I believe their employers will very much be aware of this. I also think these drivers would have got approval from their superiors to drive through these roads at restricted hours because they would be more concerned about delivering their containers and can easily bear the cost of smaller fines. I believe a more effective way to prevent these truck gridlocks would be to go straight to the owners of those trucks and containers and impose some form of ban. It's just a thought.
From A Reader
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The important stuff
I fully agree that people skills is the most important ability an excellent salesperson has — this is always the first lecture I give whenever I have a new member in my sales team (‘Seeking those who have mastered the sales pitch', Gulf News, February 18). For all the salespersons out there: let it be your legacy that you always over-achieve your target.
From Mr Normie
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The right person
I fully agree with the writer of the report about how good salespersons play a big role in any organisation. Having said that, many reputable organisations choose the wrong people to represent them as salespersons and that is disastrous for the company. A salesperson who represents an international organisation should be excellent in terms of product knowledge, policies, procedures, and should be presentable and know how to carry himself or herself in front of the public. The salesperson should also be flexible and go out of their way to meet the customers. I will walk out if the salesperson I am talking to is not knowledgeable or efficient enough to sell his company's product to me.
From Ms Zahrah J. Saleh
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The special day
I really miss Holi (‘Spreading the joy with Holi', Gulf News, February 18). It is one of those festivals where I really feel supercharged and have peace of mind — no hard feelings on this day. It really makes me feel that hatred should not be part of our life.
From Ms Piyush Gupta
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Forget your troubles
These are the wonderful days of India. Everyone forgets about all their troubles and just throws coloured powder at each other. This is the festival of love and brotherhood. It is the time to forget all our grudges and make friends.
From A Reader
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Do it yourself
During the past few months I have noticed a lot of letters containing the sentence: "the concerned authorities should take care of this" or "authorities to take this matter seriously." Most of those letters were related to simple problems or complaints, which can be corrected by the people themselves. Repeating the same sentence day after day is not only ridiculous but annoying.
From Mr Ari Aalto
Abu Dhabi

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