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Letters: November 28, 2012

Letters: November 28, 2012

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  • Published: 16:51 November 27, 2012
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A well deserved death

A person who kills intentionally should be punished (‘The man Indians loathed: Mohammad Ajmal Kasab,’ Gulf News, November 24). This is the only way that others like him will learn a lesson. Especially in this case, as he travelled from one country to another, with an intention to kill innocent people.

From Mr Ghassan Al Dakour Al Aridi


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Sign of relief

The news was surprising, did not expect this. No one’s attention was there on this for a long time. Any way it is good that India showed the world that they can also take decisions. Finally there is a sense of relief amongst all Indians.

From Mr Thomas

Ras Al Khaimah

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Great job India!

I am a Pakistani but what India has done was much required. I totally agree with it because Kasab took 166 innocent lives. I just want to say – well done India!

From Mr Jassim


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The right message

Kasab could not be forgiven for what he did. He killed so many innocent people. Releasing him or giving him a life sentence would send a wrong message to society - the message that you can kill as many people but you will still live. He deserved to be punished.

From Mr Vidur


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No to capital punishment

A bit ill timed. I find the act of hanging a person who had come to kill wrong. The best punishment which India could have given him was if they let him live. This would get the message across to the perpetrators.

From Ms Zin


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Another Bin Laden mission

Finally after spending fortunes on the security and maintenance for a criminal of the highest order, he was hanged. At least now the money to keep him alive can be spent elsewhere. But I feel he should have been given a painful and harsh end. This would be a warning for other terrorists. But the way India kept this operation so secretive, until the mission was successful, is appreciable. It is very similar to the US operation to kill Osama Bin Laden. Even the timing is the same; both were killed about a year before elections.

From Mr Madhu Madan


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The other side

This article was a full page tribute for the “baby-faced terrorist.” I haven’t read any article fully in a while. If this article was to make people sit and read completely and then make them find out who wrote such an article, then the writer Bobby Naqvi’s job is done. But, I don’t understand why Gulf News would waste a full page on this terrorist! “Baby faced” or not he lived the life of a terrorist and eventually died as a terrorist. In the article it was mentioned that Kasab had killed 166 people and injured 100 other. Then why wasn’t the article on those victims who were killed or the ones who are and will suffer the injuries and fear of that day for the rest of their lives. I think that article would arouse the same kind of interest amongst readers. It would make people feel that the newspaper and columnists actually care about the humanitarian aspect of media. Kasab lived a king size life in our Indian jail and he was hanged with the tax money paid by the middle class society. Thus they have the right to demand a swift execution.

From Dr Sri Sruthy

Abu Dhabi

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