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Letters: November 23, 2012

Letters: November 23, 2012

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  • Published: 17:32 November 22, 2012
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Burning building queries

The dangers of such combustible cladding have been known for a long time in engineering circles (‘Strong winds stoked fire in Tamweel Tower,’ Gulf News, November 20). The significant number of recent fires in high-rise buildings clearly demonstrate the risk of using substandard and dangerous materials. The low quality materials even extended to the decorative fixtures of the building that are attached close to the technical installations, which can pose their own hazards even without any combustibles nearby. Video reports of this fire seem to have gone viral around the world. It will be interesting to see who will step forward and reimburse residents for their financial loss. Let us hope some action is taken and the families are given compensation, as many of them have lost all their savings by buying property in this building.

From Ms Louie Tedesco


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Dangerous building materials

Are we now going to see a clamp down on the use of sub-standard building materials which are not fire-rated by the authorities? The fire in Tecom last month was practically identical with the outer cladding providing the fuel to destroy the apartments above the source of the blaze. The use of such materials for cladding is banned in Europe, as they do not meet the minimum rating for fire resistance. The recent fires show exactly how dangerous the situation is.

From Mr Ryan


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A question

If it is difficult to put off fires in these comparatively smaller buildings, then what about skyscrapers?

From Mr Wasi


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A well-rehearsed strategy

It is very sad to see dead children (‘Israeli strikes kill 23 in bloodiest day for Gaza,’ Gulf News, November 19). This is a strategic plan for killing the future Palestinian generation. By killing the young generation, in future it will be easy for Israelis to claim all of Palestine. What cowardly premeditated murders!

From Ms Kadija


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What did the children do?

I could not see the picture of the dead children, I have two children of similar ages and it was very painful to look at that photograph. What did these children have to do with the entire situation? Why were they punished? God, why can’t you see the innocent lives being taken and your people are crying?

From Mr Sharief

Abu Dhabi

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Stop it, it’s enough!

Is this how Israelis defend themselves? It’s cowardly and insane; there is way too much innocent blood involved - children, women, fathers and mothers. This incident will serve as an eyeopener to everyone, before more people are killed. It’s been years since this war started, isn’t it enough? Haven’t the Palestinians shed enough blood and tears already? This should stop. We all should do something about it. We should help those who have already suffered and are still suffering. My prayers go out to Palestine.

From Mr Ekis

Ras Al Khaimah

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Where is the UN?

So Israel is defending itself from children? Shame on you United Nations. Have you become blind? Why aren’t you doing anything?

From Mr Asif

Abu Dhabi

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They will pay

Poor children! I feel so helpless watching them murdered and I can’t do anything about it. However, I am sure that one day the murdered will pay for the blood of these innocent lives. God, I am sure these children are in peace with you, and away from the terrors of mankind.

From A Reader

Abu Dhabi

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Who’s watching them?

Why is the United Nations not taking any action on these attacks? What is the role of UN in the world? Israel is doing this, because they know that they are not answerable to anyone for killing innocent people.

From Mr Sarfraz


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Why these pictures?

Is it necessary to put the pictures of dead children on the front cover of Gulf News? I think it’s absolutely appalling and unprofessional of you, to think that the public will want to see dead children on the front cover. Let alone yours, the public will not want to see dead children on any newspaper.

From Mr Yaz Eastwood

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Newspaper is crossing lines

I am heavily disturbed by the images of dead children that the newspaper posted, regarding the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. We all know how horrific and painful a war can be. But there are two things, one is to inform and the other is to showcase war. In this case I think the newspaper posting these images crossed the thin line between informing and showcasing in a very disturbing way.

From Ms Maria Angelica Escaff Colon

Abu Dhabi

Editor’s note: Gulf News always welcomes reader feedback. It helps us stay accurate and relevant. With reference to the pictures, the images show the brutality of the conflict that many have to witness daily. It is not a sensationalised picture but conveys the ground reality. Our role is to present the news in as unbiased a manner as possible.

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