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Letters: November 13, 2012

Letters: November 13, 2012

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  • Published: 17:15 November 12, 2012
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No incentive

I agree to the fact that most companies in UAE lack progression and that they are least bothered about growth (‘More workers consider changing jobs in UAE,’ Gulf News, November 10). However, companies do have some forced developments but the staff does not performed with full intensity because they have no incentive. I think most employees here are developing a strategy of completing their routine jobs without any progressive goals. I think the blame goes to the employers for ignorance and lack of motivation, which results in losing some great minds and hard workers with a vision.

From Mr Syed Salahuddin


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Double minded

I only moved to Dubai for a job at the beginning of this year. But, the way the market is here, I am forced to rethink on my decision to stay here or go back to my home country.

From Mr Ahmad


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Cost of living

Many companies hiring employees from Indian, Sri Lanka and Philippines, I guess because they calculate their salaries based on the money exchange value in their respective countries. However, employers do not consider the daily living cost in the UAE. Due to this many people get carried away with the salaries but hardly manage to live a satisfactory life. Many employees, especially the ones working at lower levels have gone bankrupt due to this. I think this situation must change immediately.

From Mr Sidhiq

Abu Dhabi

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It is a growing factor in the UAE that many people want to change the current job because of mismanagement. People expect the management to look down into the problems and know the pressure their employees are facing. But, instead much management blame, mistreat and threaten their employees that their contract will be terminated. Most employees obey all the conditions and work unpaid extra hours that were not mentioned in their contracts. The employee compensates his career towards his next job. I think this is pathetic. Hope some kind of step will be taken to keep a check on these mismanaged organisations.

From A Reader

Abu Dhabi

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Delayed salaries

Reality is very clear, that most companies do not take care of their employees. These companies force employees to work, just because they are paying them. There is no motivation and employees are working over time without being paid extra. Furthermore, the managements are very rude to the workers. This is one of the main reasons why workers are double minded about working here or in their home countries. These workers are not respected. Their work is never appreciated. Some companies only pay salaries after 2-3 months, which makes it very difficult for the employees.

From Mr Imran Memon


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Accommodation problems

Another reason that makes it difficult for workers is that most workers usually live very far from their offices, in order to cut down their living costs. Additionally they are forced to live in shared accommodations as the offices do not provide housing and they have to survive on low salaries. I would also like to add that it must be made compulsory in all offices to have a two day weekend, so that the employees have enough time for themselves and their families. I think there needs to be awareness campaigns for the workers and something seriously needs to be done. I hope the authorities’ makes some provisions in order to make UAE a better to work and live in.

From Mr Aqeel Ahmad


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This problem is that most companies fail to understand the policy - give respect to get respect. Not the employers but middle level employees, who have a managing role, treat their workers very badly. It is true that they get irritated when the workers ask them for an increment, but that is no reason for them to behave badly. However, I feel the workers have all the right to ask for increment as many of them actually deserve it. However, beyond these situations I think workers in this country are hardworking and mostly ready to work overtime. If one thinks of how this country has developed over the past two decade they will notice the skill and hard work put in by the labourers who actually make the tall glorious buildings and the large shopping malls. I truly appreciate the development of this country but I feel there needs to me more provisions and respect for employees. We have many kinds of inspections in offices, I think there needs to be a strict way to monitor that the workers are paid for the time they work and that they are paid on time. The authorities need to look at this issue as most workers won’t complain or file a case because they hold a fear.

From Anonymous

Abu Dhabi

Better options

I am planning to leave this country and try other options because I have the same designation and the same salary scale from the first day of my job. I have spent four years in one company without getting any kind of benefits, increment or an appreciation. Recently I have been thinking that I have wasted four precious years of my life.

From Mr Fahd M

Abu Dhabi

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