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Letters: November 1, 2012

Letters: November 1, 2012

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  • Published: 15:08 October 31, 2012
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Religion of peace

Non-violence is at the heart of Buddhist thinking and behaviour (‘Rohingyas unders ‘vicious’ attack in Myanmar,’ Gulf News, October 28). The first of the five precepts that all Buddhists should follow is ‘Avoid killing, or harming any living thing.’ It is essentially a peaceful tradition and does not support the use of violence as a way to resolve conflict. Many have refused to take up arms under any circumstances, knowing that their decision might cost them their lives. Where is the United Nations? What are they doing for the past six months? Even during the Sri Lankan civil war, the clash between the Buddhist Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority reportedly cost more than 100,000 lives. Thank you Gulf News for being honest and publishing the truth.

From Ms Imbrose


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Is this not terrorism? It is terror against Muslims and the world in silently watching it. Why is the world sleeping? I urge that immediate action should to be taken to help Rohingyas Muslims.

From Mr Syed Ebrahim


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It cost them their lives

I salute the two brave and loyal women who tried to save the child, without giving a thought to their own lives (‘Child saved from pool set to be flown abroad,’ Gulf News, October 29). They did not know how to swim, but they jumped into the deep pool for the toddler. I would not be surprised if a parent or a relative of the child did the same, but the maids paying the price of their lives is commendable. However, I do not understand, how could the maids or the parents let a three-year-old wander next to a deep pool. But I hope financial compensation is sent to the families of the two brave women. May God be with the child and help him recover.

From Ms Avani Soni


Support their families

I am deeply saddened by this incident, but I feel positive that the little boy will be fine very soon. I hope that the families of the two housemaids, who passed away trying to save the child, will be given financial support. This is my humble request.

From A Reader


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Money managers

In my opinion women can manage finances and save money more efficiently than men (‘Who are better money managers, men or women?’ Gulf News, October 29). Women usually spend more, which gives them a chance to cut down their expenses. They can cut down on their personal and home shopping list of items like outfits, cosmetics and crockery.

From Ms Sana


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Why drivers alone?

I don’t see a reason for singling out profession drivers to complete a yearly medical test (‘Mandatory annual permits for professional drivers in UAE,’ Gulf News, October28). The mentioned logic can be applied to other professionals as well. Imagine a medical doctor performing a surgery who gets a sudden seizure, it will have a direct effect on the patient and could be fatal as well. In my opinion no one can predict death. We often hear of healthy individuals who suddenly lose their lives for various reasons. Simultaneously, we hear of medical patients who survive their predicted life span.

From Mr Imran Ali


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Stop driving

I think the time is not far, when people have to stop driving completely and use public transport. As the law gets stringent it is reaching to a point where people might have to stop driving and owning vehicles. I feel driving nowadays is drudgery rather than a facility or a luxury. I know that the numbers of accidents are increasing and all initiatives to curb the number are being taken. But I think it’s the drivers who need to drive responsibly, rather than the authorities having to make new laws.

From A Reader

New Delhi, India

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Great initiative!

It is a good decision that will reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Fron Mr Mohammad Saleem

Al Ain

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Find a global solution

Unless the uncertainties facing the global economy are addressed, the global economy cannot be put on a sustainable path towards growth. The actions of the central banks of providing liquidity might have helped calm the markets and averted aggravation of the crisis, but this cannot be a substitute for a longer-term solution. The policy uncertainties in the advanced economies are also impacting the growth prospects of emerging market economies. Problems in advanced economies with their spill over to other economies require coordinated policy responses. Therefore, the authorities need to find a long-term solution to this problem.

From Mr Ajith Kumar


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