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Letters: February 1, 2013

Letters: February 1, 2013

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  • Published: 16:42 January 31, 2013
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Protect your children

My husband and I frequently visit indoor and outdoor restaurants across Dubai that also provide shisha. Being a parent of two small children, I feel absolutely disgusted and disheartened by how irresponsible some parents are for bringing their infants and babies along. These children inhale second-hand smoke from their parents and other smokers, which is catastrophic for their young lungs. Instead of the parents protecting their children, they expose them to a very unhealthy environment. The authorities must do something to prohibit parents from bringing their children in enclosed shisha areas. Our children are our future and their best interests should be everyone’s responsibility. I hope a law will be passed regarding this situation.

From Ms Syvil Ann Cortes


Shisha chaos

I am writing to complain about the unregulated and excessive shisha venues all around my neighbourhood. As a non-smoker and resident of Dubai Marina, I find it difficult to enjoy because of the hundreds of shisha smokers that flock the area. Sometimes, I can actually smell shisha smoke in my apartment on the 16th floor. This is quite frustrating for someone who is health-conscious and likes to jog around the neighbourhood to enjoy the fresh air. My major concerns with all these shisha venues are the unpleasant odours, the possibility of it being a fire hazard and falling victim to second-hand smoking. I also believe that those who are trying to quit smoking will never achieve their goal in an environment and culture that embraces shisha time as a social event. This situation needs to be tackled. I suggest that there should be a limit on the number of shishas in each café or restaurant and there should be an introduction of shisha-free nights so that non-smokers can comfortably enjoy the outdoors. I would also like to invite all shisha smokers to try and enjoy the outdoors with sports activities instead of sitting for hours, just smoking. Walks, jogs, runs, beach picnics and community events can all engage one’s family and friends and bring them together. Sitting at cafés, ordering shisha, food and drinks will have an impact on your wallet, your health and your physical appearance. We can all change our social activities if we start with ourselves and encourage each other to follow.

From Mr Ahmad Alanzi


Desperate need

As pedestrians, we face a similar problem at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) crossing (‘A pedestrian crossing that is not used,’ Gulf News, January 29). Once, I had to cross over with my children and family, and I was really scared. I think if there is a pedestrian signal in the area, it would be a great help, especially for people with children and elderly people. I request the authorities to look into this issue before it’s too late.

From Mr Joe


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Will I survive?

Every day, I face the same dilemma at the DIFC pedestrian crossing. I keep thinking — will I make it alive to work or will someone drive over me today? The authorities have to do something for pedestrians across Dubai.

From A Reader


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Risking lives

The same pedestrian crossing issue is prominent in some streets of Sharjah as well. I think a major accident-prone area is Street No. 120. Every day, hundreds of people risk their lives here. I request the authorities to look into it before we lose another precious life.

From Mr Syed Fazeel


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Enough is enough

How can someone bear this kind of heinous act (‘Bihar government removes officials after police torture allegation,’ Gulf News, January 29)? Even animals don’t torture in such a way. We’ve had enough of reading about such brutal acts in the newspaper every other day. All the people in power need to simply clean up their act and implement strict laws. The day is not far when people will start being brutal to their own family and children. There needs to be a stop. Have mercy and fear God.

From Mr Alam


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Excellent customer service

Recently, I had a very bad experience with the driver of a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) bus from Deira to Sharjah. The driver made many insulting comments and offended me as a passenger. He even stopped the bus in the middle of the road and warned me to call the police if I needed, as he surely knew I would not do that. However, I had to teach him a lesson so I lodged a complaint on the RTA website. Within two days, the RTA acknowledged that the case had been forwarded to the officials. Just the day after, a customer care representative called me and said that the driver has been warned and rest assured he would not behave in the same manner again. I really appreciate and thank RTA for looking into my complaint very promptly.

From Mr Salim Mohammad


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