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UAE’s education sector can scale greater heights

It’s unacceptable that there be a large discrepancy in schools’ performance simply based on curricula

  • Gulf News
  • Published: 20:00 December 12, 2012
  • Gulf News

Students in grades 4 and 8 in Dubai have scored better than most others in the Middle East in an international test, according to results announced by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. What is heartening is that scores were high in mathematics and science — both critical subjects that are often ignored or overlooked by students because they require more work and attention than others — auguring well for future technological and scientific development of the national economy.

The survey also found that schools that followed a Pakistani curriculum scored lowest — clearly this is an area that needs to be addressed between government officials and educational representatives from that nation. It’s unacceptable that there be a large discrepancy in results simply based on curricula.

Other results show that schools in the UAE ranked the highest in the Middle East. Teachers, administrators and those involved in the education sector should take solace in this, but they should not rest on their laurels. Out of 60 countries, the UAE finished 40th.

There is always room for improvement.

Gulf News
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