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Syria stands at the crossroads

It is critical that a consensus is reached on what needs to be done for the bloodshed to end

  • Gulf News
  • Published: 20:00 November 9, 2012
  • Gulf News

The situation in Syria is vague and undetermined in terms of where the country is heading. The past few days have witnessed many developments that have set a general framework as to what is to be expected in the future. Yet, as long as uncertainty continues and without a clear end-goal in sight, Syria remains fragile and poised for complete disintegration as a nation state.

The Syrian opposition has met in Doha and agreed on a new leadership that will hold the mantle of the opposition. The 41 members of this group will outline upcoming steps to address the conflict. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad also reiterated his stance as he pledged that he would “live and die” in Syria — indicating that his stance had not changed since the beginning of the fighting. Al Assad further warned of foreign intervention in the county and its grave impact.

There is no disagreement that Syria stands at a dangerous crossroads. In the coming weeks, the actions that are to be adopted by the regime, the opposition, as well as world powers will shape the future of the country. Having said that, it is critical that a consensus is reached on what needs to be done for the bloodshed to end. It is high time the conflict comes to a conclusion as innocent civilians are the ones suffering the most.

Gulf News

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