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Let Froome be judged in terms of his achievement

If he wins Tour de France, he should not be made to pay the price for cheats who have betrayed the sport

  • by Gulf News
  • Published: 20:00 July 19, 2013
  • Gulf News

This is not the best of times for anyone to win a cycling event, let alone the Tour De France. Such a responsibility has come to bear upon British cyclist Chris Froome who, barring a major stroke of misfortune, is poised to win the event.

Froome has come to find that the ghost of Lance Armstrong is haunting this prestigious event — thanks to its morbid association with rampant doping. Thus, instead of being examined about his achievements, Froome has repeatedly found himself being asked if he has dabbled in questionable substances to boost his performance. Froome must not pay the price for those who have betrayed the spirit and history of the competition by cheating to win in the past — at least not yet. He does not belong to that past. There is a chance that he could be the magnificent endorsement for clean sportsmanship of the present.

The Englishman must not be the focus of a witch hunt. He must be allowed to win more than just the event — he must capture hearts and minds. He must be permitted to revel in the glory of his triumph should it come tomorrow. He should not be tainted by the brush that tarnished his predecessors.

Gulf News

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