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Iraq must do more to ensure peace, stability

The country cannot exist as an entity that is divided along sectarian lines

  • Gulf News
  • Published: 00:08 March 30, 2012
  • Gulf News

As Iraq hosted the Arab Summit yesterday, one can only raise the question of the state of affairs in the country today. This should be viewed in the context of where the country was many years ago and where it has reached today. Following the end of a dictatorial regime and that of an occupation, it is but valid to pon-der about Iraq's future.

Only recently, one of the worst series of bombings hit Tikrit, Kirkuk, Anbar and Karbala. At least 52 people were killed and hundreds others were wounded as a result. But the blasts did not stop there. They came to the capital of the country, with double blasts carried out in Baghdad later.

There is no question that the situation in Iraq is disturbing, to say the least. Nine years after the American-led invasion of the country and three months following the withdrawal of the last soldiers, there is much to be done in Iraq.

In fact, the expectation was for Iraq to be engaged in the process of nation-building by now and not try to bring the violence under control. The country for sure cannot continue to exist as an entity that is broken up in segments, and divided along religious or political lines.

In addition, the idea that fortified areas such as the Green Zone can exist is also not the solution. As a matter of fact, the very existence of such isolated and protected enclaves proves that there is much to be done to ensure stability and peace.

Having said that, it is time that the current condition of Iraq is closely evaluated. The country cannot survive in isolation from its surroundings. Neither can it be abandoned to disintegration and violence.

Gulf News

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