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High time private sector takes emiratisation to heart

Employing UAE nationals will help create the right partnership for growth, while UAE nationals should also be prepared to take up these challenges

  • Gulf News
  • Published: 00:00 November 27, 2012
  • Gulf News

Emiratisation, whether in the banking or other sectors, needs to be looked at comprehensively — starting from the educational curricula, which should be linked to the skill sets required for the job market.

Officials and academicians also need to identify the key issues, be it the attitude, ability of the job seekers or the private sector’s unwillingness to absorb them. Either way, there seems to be a problem that should be tackled. After all, this is a country where foreign professionals are working hand-in-hand in a diverse cultural environment without any problem. Emirati workforce could create the right synergies for the private sector, as being UAE nationals, they could bring extensive local knowledge and their local connections could help private companies in expanding businesses.

Most private companies hire UAE nationals to handle their legal and immigration processes. This attitude should also change. Over the past few decades, Emirati professionals have demonstrated their abilities in helping companies grow.

It is high time the private sector looks at the key benefits of employing UAE nationals and creates the right partnership for growth. UAE nationals, meanwhile, should also take up these challenges and demonstrate their abilities in helping their companies grow.

Gulf News

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