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Fine show of generosity

Readers have responded to the plight of a blind father of two with great kindness

  • Gulf News
  • Published: 00:00 February 25, 2010
  • Gulf News

The generosity of Gulf News readers never ceases to amaze and inspire.

Recently, Gulf News highlighted the case of Mohammad Mansour, a 47-year-old father of two from Sri Lanka living in Sharjah who lost his sight six months ago after a laser surgery procedure.

Because he was unable to provide for his family, his financial troubles began to snowball, eventually resulting in a travel ban being imposed.

But his plight tugged at the heartstrings of many. And you opened your wallets to help.

Take Firoz Merchant, founder and chairman of Pure Gold Jewellers. He felt the hopelessness of Mansour and his family. Without hesitation, Merchant and his colleagues paid off all Mansour's loans, bought the family of four air tickets to Sri Lanka, and also arranged for other responsibilities here.

Others also came to the assistance of Mansour.

To all who helped the Mansour family in their hour of need, your efforts and generosity knows no bounds. Thank you.

Gulf News

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