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November 29, 1986: Cary Grant dies of massive stroke

Today in History: November 29, 1986: Cary Grant dies of massive stroke

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Cary Grant dies of massive stroke

1986- Actor Cary Grant, whose magnetic film presence and urbane wit delighted audiences and dominated American movie screens for decades, died, apparently of a massive stroke. Grant, 82, cancelled a performance of his one-man show, A Conversation with Cary Grant, and was rushed to Davenport’s St Luke Hospital by ambulance accompanied by his wife, Barbara Harris. “He was in a comatose condition. He was treated in the emergency room for 45 minutes then transferred to the intensive care unit where he died. “He was going to put on a programme ... called A Conversation with Cary Grant, where he would go up on stage and talk about his experiences and career and then respond to questions from the audience,” James Stuhler, administrator of the hospital, said.

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