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Understanding diabetes is key to overcoming it

Medication and change in lifestyle patterns isn’t enough; there are emotional issues to be addressed

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The dangers of diabetes can never be overemphasised. This is why the call goes out to everybody living in the UAE to be aware that a sedentary lifestyle, marked by lack of physical exercise and increased consumption of high-calorie foods, may have increased the prevalence of the disease in the past few years.

What is more critical, however, is that people must show a heightened sense of awareness and understanding of the disease. The risk factors must be identified and addressed, especially in cases of Type 2 diabetes, since it remains critical to reducing its incidence over time. Medication and change in lifestyle patterns isn’t enough. There are support groups that one can join in order to cope with the emotional and practical issues and learn from those who have successfully fought the disease.

Lifestyle changes do not just affect the individual, but also those around him as well — especially family members. Parents are faced with tougher choices and monitoring of children who have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Children don’t realise the gravity of the disease and the onus is on their guardians to carry that burden and ensure that prevention is better than cure.