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Traffic offenders must be punished to full extent

Reckless behaviour can be prevented by linking traffic records across all Gulf countries

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When visiting a country, it is necessary to respect all the laws of the land, major or minor. Ignorance is no excuse.

And drivers from neighbouring countries that flout traffic rules in the UAE are placing their own lives as well as those of the others in danger. They must be pursued and punished to the full extent of the law.

That is why the proposal by the UAE that traffic records of Gulf countries be linked and fines be enforced across the region, should be accepted and implemented as quickly as possible.

Not only is the country losing millions of dirhams in unpaid fines, but those who are a danger on the roads are likely to carry on with their reckless behaviour, unchecked. Those that feel they can get away with breaking the law will continue doing so.

By trying to enforce good driving behaviour across the region, the UAE will not only making its own roads safer, but those in the countries of the Gulf as well.



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This is a bitter truth that while driving on roads, people do not feel safe because of those reckless drivers who are known not for their skills but their irresponsible behaviours on roads. Over speeding, getting snapped on road, driving on hard shoulders, tail gating, zigzag driving, jumping lanes, taking U-turn where it is not allowed are just a few things out of long list. The authorities should take quick actions against all of irresponsible people who are risking lives of all people on road.


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