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Tough measures must against illegal markets

Those caught selling spurious substances need to be dealt with the full force of law

Gulf News

The unlawful open-air market, selling alcohol and foodstuff in Jebel Ali, goes on to show that people are willing to flout all rules to make a quick buck — even at the risk of getting caught. However, what should make the authorities sit up is the fact that goods harmful to consumers are also being sold. The impunity with which markets operate is alarming and disconcerting.

Apart from unauthorised peddling of liquor, X-rated material, banned chewing tobacco and food past their expiry dates are being sold to workers. Big money is involved and so also the risk. Reprisals have been reported against those caught tipping off authorities or the media. Markets like this have been dismantled earlier following clampdowns, but have resurfaced.

The authorities must act quickly to curb any such menace by lawless citizens who are determined to convert areas in this peaceful city into dens of vice. Anyone caught selling spurious liquor or goods that harm people must face the full force of the law.