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Sciences are key to UAE's growth

Women should be encouraged to play a greater role, and investment must increase

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Sadly, few Arab women pursue a career in science and research. Traditionally — and even in western societies — the sciences are dominated by men who toil anonymously in white laboratory coats.

For the UAE, however, the sciences and research fields offer a tremendous opportunity for growth and development. Given the nation's rich educational resources and the leadership's vision in developing a thoroughly modern and progressive society, more women must be encouraged to follow a path in the science sector.

Governments too must be encouraged — either through direct programmes or indirect policies — to invest in fields such as computer-development, nanotechnology, medicine and biosciences, environmental science and aeronautics.

The benefits for the economy are huge. Through innovation and research, new industries and technologies are fostered and developed, building a stable future on a knowledge-based economy.

In the Arab world, spending on sciences averages 0.3 per cent of GDP — that must be increased significantly.